Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has lashed out at the Biden administration for its rhetoric about a “secure border,” saying that it is “completely divorced from reality.”

In a series of tweets on Sunday, March 21, Ducey told the real story about the border issue, firing back at Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who had claimed the border is secure.

“This morning, Biden DHS Secretary @SecMayorkas claimed ‘the border is secure,’” he tweeted. “The situation unfolding at the border is a crisis and DC is completely divorced from reality.”

Ducey said that he has been governor under three presidents, but this crisis “is by far the worst situation we’ve seen.”

“The Biden administration’s words & actions caused this crisis,” Ducey said, explaining that “the perception among migrants is that US borders are open, asylum policies have changed & now is the time to head north.”

The governor urged the Biden administration to “act now & deter individuals from making this dangerous journey.”

Earlier on Sunday, Mayorkas said that the U.S. border is closed, and people should not come to America.

“The message is quite clear: Do not come,” Mayorkas said on ABC’s “This Week.” 

“The border is closed, the border is secure. We are expelling families, we are expelling single adults under the CDC’s authority under Title 42 of the United States Code because we are in the midst of a pandemic and that is a public health imperative. We are encouraging children not to come, now is not the time to come. Do not come. The journey is dangerous. We are building safe, orderly and humane ways to address the needs of vulnerable children. Do not come,” he said.

“We have seen large numbers of migration in the past,” Mayorkas said, seeking to blame the Trump administration despite the fact that the country has only seen a surge of migrants at the border since the Biden administration rolled back the immigration policies put in place to curtail illegal immigration and protect national security interests.

But Mayorkas assured that the DHS knows how to handle the crisis, “We have a plan. We are executing on our plan. And we will succeed. This is what we do. But one thing is also clear: That it takes time.”

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