San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone condemned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement of abortion and calling herself a “devout Catholic.”

“Let me repeat: no one can claim to be a devout Catholic and condone the killing of innocent human life, let alone have the government pay for it,” Cordileone emphasized, referring to Pelosi, according to the July 23 Washington Examiner.

He added: “The right to life is a fundamental—the most fundamental—human right, and Catholics do not oppose fundamental human rights,” in response to statements made by Pelosi in an interview the day before. 

Pelosi argued health reasons, “It’s an issue of health of many women in America, especially those in lower-income situations, and in different states, and it is something that has been a priority for many of us [for] a long time.”  

For his part, Cordileone called Pelosi’s words hypocritical given that abortion ignored the health of the unborn baby by taking its life and, in her words, ignored the option to support women in need.  

“the smokescreen of abortion as an issue of health and fairness to poor women is the epitome of hypocrisy: what about the health of the baby being killed?” retorted Cordileone, according to local media outlet The Tampa Free Press. 

He also said, “What about giving poor women real choice, so they are supported in choosing life? This would give them fairness and equality to women of means, who can afford to bring a child into the world.”

Cordileone, in turn, went on to explain that there are other women dedicated to helping poor pregnant women, and they can indeed be called “devout Catholics.”  

“It is people of faith who run pro-life crisis pregnancy clinics; they are the only ones who provide poor women life-giving alternatives to having their babies killed in their wombs.”

“I cannot be prouder of my fellow Catholics who are so prominent in providing this vital service. To them I say: you are the ones worthy to call yourselves ‘devout Catholics!’'” he added.

Cordileone agrees with many of the Catholic Church’s hierarchs who believe that support of abortion by political figures like Pelosi justifies exclusion from the sacrament of communion, given the gravity of their offense. 

“This is a bitter medicine, but the gravity of the evil of abortion can sometimes warrant it,” the Archbishop said in May, after stating that he had already spoken with Pelosi on this issue. 

On the other hand, the situation with the president, Joe Biden, is similar since he also pushes abortion, included in the Democrats’ leftist agenda.

After a meeting of bishops considered excluding Biden from communion, a group of 60 so-called “Catholic” Democratic lawmakers responded by defending him last month. 

On this occasion, Cordileone highlighted the enormous contradiction of “Christian Democrats,” who on the one hand claim to want to “realize the basic principles that are at the heart of Catholic social teaching,” but on the other hand, do not respect the most basic tenets of the Catholic faith: “Do not intentionally kill or allow others to kill innocent human life.”

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