The terrorist group, Antifa, announced that it would start riots in Washington D.C. on Jan. 20, targeting Trump supporters, corporations assisting the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), white supremacy, and fascism. 

Antifa, a Marxist ideology, spreads its message using slogans like “targeted destruction” and “direct action,” according to Breitbart of Jan. 20. 

Journalist Andy Ngo published some ads by which the violent radical left group incites destruction, attaching them to one of his Jan. 18 tweets.

“Antifa are continuing to put out the call for riots throughout the U.S. on 20 Jan. These are some of their flyers for Seattle, northern California & Denver,” Ngo wrote.

Likewise, the Twitter user @VLM7234 notes that Antifa also published its ads through this social network and questioned the lack of action against this type of publication that incites violence.

“And they are publicizing these on Twitter as well … why is @twittersupport not shutting these down?” the user responded to the Ngo tweet.

Previously, Twitter canceled many user accounts, mainly conservative ones, which it accused of promoting violence, and its inaction, in this case, would show a flagrant and tendentious inconsistency that favors the left.

Similar demonstrations were planned for the cities of Seattle, Washington state, Portland, Oregon, Denver, Colorado, and Sacramento, California.

These leftist groups carried out very destructive riots in the United States, starting with African-American George Floyd’s death, in police custody, on May 25.

Rioters set thousands of small businesses on fire, vandalized many historical monuments, killed civilians, and injured at least 700 police officers.

They were abundantly funded by the technology giants and praised by Democratic leaders as allies in their presidential campaign.

New Vice President Kamala Harris previously declared that Marxist groups such as the BLM and Antifa would continue their violent demonstrations to promote the extreme left changes that are part of the agenda that the Democratic Party plans to implement in the United States.

Last month, authorities evicted members of Antifa from a private property they had occupied in Portland. Their occupation was causing great concern in the neighborhood.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), published a series of tweets on Thursday, Jan. 7, saying that there is growing evidence that “fascist Antifa” was behind the attack on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6 during the joint session of Congress

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