Almost 900 abortion facilities have been defunded, thanks to the president’s proposal for the Title X program last May.

The regulations were released to prohibit Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses from receiving any of those tax dollars unless they completely separate their abortion businesses from their taxpayer-funded services. That would mean housing their family planning services elsewhere—potentially in separate buildings and coordinated by separate staff and organizations from its abortion business and denial of funds if they fail to do so, according to

Planned Parenthood and other abortion activists then had no choice but to leave the Title X program and give up $60 million of taxpayer funds.

According to a new report that was processed by Power to Decide, a pro-choice organization that works to prevent unplanned pregnancies, 876 abortion centers have lost funding since the defunding rules moved forward.

The Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services this year began enforcing the new rule, which “prohibits the use of Title X funds to perform, promote, refer for, or support abortion as a method of family planning.”

“These centers must now decide between two options: accept funds to support their patients who might not otherwise be able to afford family planning care or withhold information from patients about abortion services,” Power to Decide said in its report.

Among those 876 abortion centers are clinics stuck to Planned Parenthood, which said in August it would choose to “place a higher priority on the ability to refer for abortion instead of continuing to receive federal funds to provide a broad range of acceptable and effective family planning methods and services,” the Department of Health and Human Services said.

Title X funds are supposed to be used to help low-income women and men receive birth control, cancer screenings, and other health care services. While the tax money cannot be used to pay for abortions, it indirectly funds Planned Parenthood’s vast abortion business.

SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser told LifeNews that the Title X program was not intended “to be a slush fund for abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, which violently ends the lives of more than 332,000 unborn babies a year and receives almost $60 million a year in Title X taxpayer dollars.”

“We thank President Trump for taking decisive action to disentangle taxpayers from the big abortion industry led by Planned Parenthood,” she said.

“We thank President Trump and Secretary Azar for ensuring that the Title X program is truly about funding family planning, not abortion.”

Carol Tobias, the president of the National Right to Life, also praised President Trump for his actions to restore pro-life policies. “We are encouraged to see the announcement of Title X regulations that are back in line with previous policy that prevents federal dollars from being used to directly or indirectly promote abortion domestically,” she told LifeNews.

Back in 1991, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed on similar regulations. However, the Clinton administration would later reverse these regulations.