A former Wall Street Journal reporter, Asra Nomani, published a blog post noting that U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s son-in-law runs or co-founded a company that has million-dollar contracts with public schools across the country dedicated to promoting critical race theory (CRT).

Garland recently ordered the FBI to deal with those parents who go to the board of education meetings with teachers and openly oppose the teaching of CRT. The journalist points out a conflict of interest since an immediate family member of the attorney general benefits from promoting or teaching CRT, and Garland’s order seeks to stamp out parental opposition.

Nomani points out that the company Panorama Education, whose co-founder is Xan Tanner and is married to the attorney general’s daughter, signed a $1.8 million contract with the Fairfax District School System (FCPS) to conduct a multi-year “social and emotional learning assessment” (SEL).

Under the contract, Panorama Education has the right to collect “psychometrics” from the school district’s 180,000 students with questions such as whether they feel “sad” or “gender fluid,” Fox News reported.

While Panorama’s assessments do not overtly speak to critical race theory, activists noted that its CEO, in public statements, has echoed and used terms that pertain to those who adhere to CRT.

According to Becker News, in June 2020, the company’s co-founder and CEO, Aaron Feuer, wrote a letter against “systemic racism.”

“As millions of people across the country stand up to protest this system of racism and oppression, we stand with them.

We say decisively: Black people matter. Black students matter. Black educators matter. Black teammates matter. Black lives matter.

We strongly denounce racism, and we commit to fighting against it. We commit to dismantling systemic racism, we commit to embodying and spreading anti-racist practices, and we commit to building systems of opportunity and possibility for students of color.”

Parents who oppose CRT—including black and other ethnic parents—say the theory teaches that everything revolves around race, that whites are inherently racists and blacks live oppressed by whites, thus accentuating black-white hatred.

In a recent episode at Arizona State University (ASU), a group of black student activists in the Black Lives Matter movement harassed two young men who were studying in a room on campus just because they were white and forced them to leave because their presence ‘offended’ them.

Cases like these have been occurring with increasing frequency across the country.

In an Oct. 4 order, Garland directed FBI agents and U.S. Attorneys to address what he described as “a troubling spike” in recent months of parents intimidating, harassing, or becoming violent against faculty and said he would take a series of steps “to address the increase in criminal behavior directed at school personnel.”

According to the Fox News report, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, is one of Panorama Education’s investors.

Journalist Asra Nomani, speaking about what is involved in Panorama Education having Facebook as an investor, said:

“Facebook founder Zuckerberg is an investor in Panorama Education, which is signing contracts with school boards across the country that are providing the company a backdoor to children’s most intimate feelings. The company is now a Trojan horse for Big Tech in K-12 schools.”

Facebook has been under intense scrutiny because a former employee who decided to leak information to the media and testified before Congress showed that the company had been consciously trying to maximize its profits without caring that its products—particularly Instagram—cause serious harm to children’s mental health.

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