Campers are eager to help authorities search for Brian Laundrie despite fearing for their own safety during the nationwide manhunt.

Investigators have been trying to track down the late Gabby Petito’s boyfriend for weeks. Laundrie is wanted as a person of interest regarding his Long Island fiancee, Gabby Petito, who was found dead at a Wyoming campsite on Sept. 21.

Campers Hannah and Cody Lane used social media to raise awareness about the case. They expressed concern for their safety following Gabby’s tragic death.

Hannah, who is on a cross-country ski trip with her husband on a tour bus, promised to do everything she could to help authorities track down Laundrie in a Florida nature reserve where the 23 year-old fugitive is believed to be hiding.

“We need to focus on his specific identifiers and markers, not just him being a bald guy with a beard,” she said according to The Sun newspaper. “He has a folded ear that is triangular and a tattoo on his finger.”

The duo has been touring cross-country in their classic 1987 tour bus for the past two years.

“I have talked so much openly about Brian Laundrie and the things that he has done that now I am paranoid that he is going to come to my bus,” she said according to the paper. “It is just so scary because you never know who you are near. You could be parked next to someone, and the next thing you know, you are on the news.”

She suspects Laundrie is somewhere along the Appalachian Trail, where he previously lived “off the grid” for many months.

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