A well-known African American pastor in Detroit, the Rev. Marlin Reid, is partnering with different churches to jointly condemn Nike, the NBA, and other multinational corporations for supporting the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement while benefiting economically from slave labor under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The accusation is based on these corporations’ hypocrisy choosing to support the BLM movement while closing multimillion-dollar deals with the CCP, without condemning, or even ignoring, the recognized human rights abuses by the CCP in China.

How can you tolerate the injustice somewhere else, and then profit off of it here in America? They are a prime example of hypocrisy,” said Pastor Reid, as reported by Free Beacon.

The clergy’s published criticisms are another sign of the growing rejection of those national and multinational corporations that expressed their support for the BLM movement. Nike is one of those at the center of the criticism because it is considered an icon in NBA history.

Logically many brands, especially those participating in the NBA, would be aligned with the BLM after the death of George Floyd in May. However, it was expected that after the large number of increasingly violent riots linked to the movement, a break would be generated between the two parties. At least until now, no such rupture has occurred.

Reid and three other founding members of the Conservative Clergy of Color drafted a formal request sent to Nike President John Donahoe on Thursday, asking the company to retract its support for BLM and cut all commercial ties with the Chinese Communist Party.

In the face of widespread allegations and overwhelming evidence that the CCP is exploiting millions of Uighur Muslims in forced labor camps in the Xinjiang area, large corporations, including Nike, are increasingly facing requests to cease all business relationships with suppliers who allegedly use forced labor from these locations.

President Trump’s administration has also increased economic pressure on the CCP, warning companies not to do business in Xinjiang because of abuses there.

According to a BBC report, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) and the U.S. Congress, among others, have found that thousands of Uighurs have been transferred to work in factories in China, under conditions that the ASPI report says “strongly suggest forced labor.” It linked those factories to more than 80 high-profile brands, including Nike, Apple, and Gap.

African American clerics firmly rejected the BLM movement because of its increasingly radical and violent orientation. The pastors cited reports in which a BLM co-founder described herself as a Marxist, and some local BLM members called for the abolition of capitalism.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors admitted this during an interview in 2015 when asked about an alleged lack of ideological leadership in the BLM. She responded by reassuring the communist interviewer that the BLM’s leaders are “trained Marxists.”

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