A video shows a group of migrants abusing young children, by forcing them under a razor-wire lined border fence in a water-filled ditch. The children scream in terror as the adults force them into the cold water and submerge them while passing them under the concertina wire-lined border barrier.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said they were pushed by smugglers, who were stopped by Mexican authorities.

(Screenshot/AP Video)

As sirens wail in the background, migrant smugglers push adults and children through a hole beneath a border wall despite an officer’s demands on the other side that they return to Mexico.

“Return back!” the agent yells in one of two Customs and Border Protection videos released on April 2 that show how dramatic and dangerous migrant crossings into the United States can be when involving small children.

“Hey, careful! Careful with the boy!” the agent off-camera cries in alarm as a man crawls out with the first of two small boys alongside the wire.

The videos have come to light amid a surge of migrant families arriving at the border, overwhelming processing and holding centers.

Connie Phillips, president of Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest in Phoenix. (Screenshot/Photo: AP Video)

Connie Phillips, president of Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest in Phoenix said she can’t imagine the experience. She said: “To take your child through an experience of walking and walking long distances, of being hungry, of being cold, of being in danger, you are risking everything. And to be at a point where you’re just that hopeless, I just don’t think, I don’t think I can in my lifetime understand that.”

Since Dec. 21, 2018, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has freed more than 125,000 people into the United States who came into the country as families.


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