The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has praised two unidentified individuals, one of whom is a licensed gun owner, as “good Samaritans.”

On Saturday afternoon, April 17, when a Beech Grove Ind. Walmart security guard received a call for help regarding an alleged shoplifter, he arrived at the scene to find the man then pulled a gun on him.

A bystander witnessed the man aim a pistol at the security guard, who is also a park ranger. The bystander then pulled out his own licensed gun and fired one or two shots at the alleged shoplifter, missing his target, according to Wishtv. The man fled the scene, and another shopper tracked the man further into the parking lot and was able to apprehend him with the support of the police.

 Officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department had been quick to respond. The unidentified suspect was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries suffered during his arrest.

Indianapolis police officer Samone Burris told the press: “It is phenomenal that when we needed the community, they were right there with us” and “We definitely want to thank both of the good Samaritans and any other standby or person that was here that helped during this incident.”

“It definitely does our hearts good that nobody was injured during this altercation. We thank the public that witnessed what was going on and jumped into action with us,” Burris said, emphasizing the value of citizens helping local law enforcement.

The Indianapolis police officer added: “We thank the public for just continuing to support us, continuing to rally with us, and continuing to make sure that cases that need to be solved are being solved, with their help, with their support.”


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