In the latest violent attack in New York City, a man attacked a line of carriage horses in Central Park, punching and kicking the innocent animals while threatening to knife witnesses.

Cab driver Henry Kaya, 28 said the attack occurred in Central Park near West 59th Street and Sixth Avenue on Monday, July 5, just before noon.

Five carriage drivers were waiting for fares along Center Drive when the man emerged out of nowhere, began cursing, and slugging one of the horses that are driven by Nurettin Kirbiyik.

Kiribyik, 47, said the man was talking to himself and washing his clothes in the “horse drinking water” then the man started talking to the horse, an 11-year-old Gypsy/Morgan cross named “Dennis.”

“With his wet shirt wrapped around his hand, he punched Dennis in the face!” Nurettin Kirbiyik told Fox News. “I look away, I was scared, I didn’t want to look at him.”

The man then attacked a second horse, before kicking the third horse, a 16-year-old dark brown mare named ‘Mary.’

“He raised his hand to punch my horse but I pulled my horse back so he could barely touch my horse,” Kaya, the horse’s owner said.

The man allegedly threatened to punch Kaya and shouted, “I have a knife,” Kaya and another driver responded “We say, ‘We call the police.’ He say, ‘Call the police, I don’t care. They ain’t gonna do nothing.”

Kaya claimed he tracked the man down and captured video of him aggressively confronting him from a distance on his cellphone.

“Why are you hitting my horse? It’s a poor animal!” Kaya yelled.

As the man walked away, Kaya urged passersby to call the cops.

He called 911 and gave the cops his video, the cops then finally identified the man as someone who regularly visits Times Square.

According to the NYPD, officers were unable to find the man, and the case was deemed unfounded because no evidence of a crime had been committed.

Angelucci blamed the situation on the outgoing mayor.

“De Blasio really turned this place into a mess. He was supposed to clean this up!”

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