After their 21-month-old baby overdosed, a Florida couple was charged with child negligence. Kaitlyn Van Dorn and her partner Blake Pavey were arrested, facing felony charges, according to Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kaitlyn Perez.

The charges are connected with an incident, when a 911 call was received from a Venice home on Jan. 8 shortly before 5:00 p.m. and when officers arrived they found the boy unconscious and not breathing. The child was discovered to have overdosed on cocaine and had to be resuscitated by paramedics. , Naloxone was administered, which is used to counteract an opioid overdose.

Van Dorn told Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies that the baby picked up an unknown object on a stroll, placed it in his mouth, and became limp before passing out.

Perez said, according to Yahoo, “When we get there, the female defendant who’s in the home says, ‘He put something in his mouth while we were on a walk, I don’t know what it was,'” and then “The area is kind of known for narcotics use, so EMF decided to deploy Naloxone three times on the little boy. And, thank God that they did because he regained full consciousness, was awake and really, really alert.”

Perez said, however, that they were unable to find any evidence of any ‘stroll’ taking place. As a result of their investigation, they are confident that the toddler swallowed the drug in the house.

“Then, we looked through video at different houses and businesses nearby to see what time she went on the walk. Did we see where the child picked something up? None of it ever happened. She never went on a walk. We’re 100% certain on that,” she said. “So, we’re confident that he ingested the cocaine inside the house at some point,” she said.

Van Dorn changed her testimony several times before bringing officers to a pail inside the house that contained a spoon and tissue, indicating that drugs had been used. The spoon was then tested for fentanyl and cocaine, and it was confirmed to be positive.

Due to a probation violation charge, Pavey, the child’s father, was freed on a $15,000 bail, while Van Dorn remains in detention without bond. Meanwhile, Perez stated that the boy is doing well and has not been in either parent’s custody since the occurrence.

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