Miles Guo, the renowned whistleblower revealed that the Chinese government has been covering up the real severity level of the 2019-nCoV epidemic, particularly the death toll in a news conference with Steve Bannon on Feb. 6.

Miles cited Dr. Li Wenliang, 33, an ophthalmologist, who first raised the alarm to the world about the severity of the coronavirus. After being reprimanded by government authorities for speaking out, Li suddenly reportedly contracted the coronavirus, despite the fact he knew of the dangers of infection and was taking every precaution, and then he died.

In the interview, Miles stressed that if the Wuhan provincial governor and the Central Committee had listened to Li and Dr. Xie, there would not have been such a disaster.

Bannon also commented on how the CCP has suppressed social media and information and presented misleading reports on the real situation in China. 

Miles went on to denounce the infection rate and death toll officially announced by the CCP, laying it right put that “It is wrong.”

He cited the capacity of crematories in Wuhan as an example. As reported by social media, there are 49 crematories in Wuhan alone that have been kept operating 24 hours a day, thus, they cremated 1,200 bodies every day. And they have worked on full capacity for 17 days. So he concluded that the mortality rate would far exceed the number updated by authorities. At 17 days cremating and estimated 1,200 bodies a day would be about 20,000 in Wuhan alone. 

Miles indicated that insider information exposed that the confirmed cases have reached 1.5 million from all over China and the death toll is 50,000 as of the date of the interview, Feb. 6. 

He also emphasized how Chinese propaganda kept hiding the truth from its citizens and the Western world including: the number of quarantined cases, the number under observation, the confirmed case, death toll, and so much more. But the fact that the Chinese regime has built two quarantine centers and turned 10-11 convention centers into quarantine and emergency centers in Wuhan that can accommodate up to 1 million sick people could reflect the severity of the disease outbreak in the area. 

What Miles said is naturally unconfirmed, but looking back at what happened during the SARS virus outbreak, which brought much of Asia to its knees after Chinese officials successfully kept news from the rest of the world for months, denying there was any problem, the information revealed by Miles should be taken seriously.

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