A video showing how residents are reacting against the Chinese Communist regime’s coercive movement has recently been widely spread on the Internet.

The video features villagers in China uniting in a large group and throwing stones and bricks toward the police officers.

These police officers have come to seize the land forcibly. In response to the residents’ backlash, they failed to fight back, gathered as a group, and stepped back.

The video concludes that the residents’ unity could turn officials or those representing the government into ‘paper tigers.”

The 2-minute and 28-second video posted by ‘China’s Weird Stories‘ has attracted more than 170,000 views, over 2,000 likes, and 610 comments on YouTube from May 1 to May 26.

According to Apollo, several netizens have complimented the residents’ act, claiming that their moves represent a correct posture in resisting the CCP’s tyranny.

This protest is just one of several protests the residents held against their government as the Communist regime’s imposed policies or actions pushed residents to their limits.

A group of citizens has recently gathered and traveled to Henan Provincial Government to protest because they have been unable to withdraw their hard-earned money for more than a month. They hold flags, and banners, chant slogans, and some even kneel on the streets to petition. 

The police had tear gas and handcuffs and adopted stricter measures in response. 

China has been long infamous for strictly issuing policies to control and even suppress its residents in various life aspects. 

Beijing’s movements usually come unexpectedly, without informing in advance, and repeatedly change.

Following the Zero-Covid policy, many Chinese have been forcibly taken to centralized quarantine zones despite their old or young ages. 

China has fenced up to prevent residents from even stepping out of their houses. As a result, residents have long been detained under poor living conditions in a shortage of food, necessities, and medical treatments, with almost no support from the government. 

According to a Radio Free Asia (RFA) ‘s report, a survey polling 1,021 Shanghai residents, more than 40% of Shanghai residents have felt depressed with frequent down-moods or hopeless status under lockdown and coercive epidemic-control measures of the government. They even show no interest in anything.

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