Germany refuses to provide Kyiv with defensive weapons as the Russia-Ukraine border situation becomes increasingly tense. In an interview with The Financial Times on January 28th, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks criticized Germany for its “immoral and hypocritical” relationship with Russia and the Chinese regime over the Ukraine crisis and Lithuania’s retaliation for supporting Taiwan. 

Besides the Berlin government’s refusal to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, they also block Estonia from giving Ukraine howitzers. So far, Germany has only promised to send Ukraine 5,000 helmets and a field hospital.

Pabriks added that German companies threaten to leave Lithuania because Lithuania and the Chinese regime have a conflict related to Taiwan opening the Embassy in Lithuania’s Vilnius capital.

“How are you acting yourself when it comes to Lithuania, Russia, China?” Pabriks asked, “It’s immoral and hypocritical. It’s driving a division line between west and east in Europe.”

Lithuania’s defense minister said, “Germans forgot already that Americans were granting their security in the Cold War. But they should [remember] It’s their moral duty.”

Under Prime Minister Angela Merkel, Germany is said to have a friendly relationship with the Chinese Communist Regime. However, the new German government has not shown a difference in attitude to Beijing.

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