Xinjiang has erupted due to COVID. Due to inferior care at Xinhua Hospital in Yili Prefecture, many doctors and nurses became sick with COVID. During their time in isolation, the hospital and the department in charge of preventing epidemics didn’t do much for them, even ignoring them. 

Also, many people in the area got cross-infected. The regime covered and censored the information from top to bottom. 

Residents in lockdown are hungry, and there isn’t much help from the authorities.

Poor care at Xinhua Hospital: Doctors and nurses infected

Since August, 600,000 people have been under lockdown in Yining City, Ili Prefecture. On September 10, a nurse in the emergency room at Xinhua Hospital in Yili Prefecture told Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan 大纪元 that inadequate isolation led to many infections among front-line medical staff. But the regime hid the truth of these cases.

A nurse named Xiaowei told reporters that on August 3, all medical staff was told by Yili Prefecture to go to the hospital and work while in quarantine.

That morning, a person with a fever and two members of his or her family went to Xinhua Hospital. When Xiaowei took over the shift at 7 o’clock, the patient had already been taken to the fever clinic.

After all three COVID tests returned positive, the hospital closed the emergency room. Then, the doctors and nurses in contact with the emergency room are divided into departments to disinfect. Moreover, the authorities hid three positive cases and covered up the information.

The next day, the hospital put all the people working in the emergency room on the first floor. Xiaowei said:

“Isolation does not meet the requirements at all. There are 4 people in a house, 5 people in a house, but only one bathroom.”

After 24 hours, two nucleic acid tests came back negative. Then, the heads of the hospital told everyone to go back to the emergency room.

The ninth version of the COVID measure plan says that close contact staff must be kept apart in separate rooms. Then, if their nucleic acid test is negative, they can return to work after a week.

On August 6, at the request of the hospital director, they went to the eighth floor and were ready to work the next day. But, they stayed with 3 to 4 people in a room. 

In the middle of the night, a coworker had a fever, a cough, and sputum—all symptoms of COVID. The nucleic acid test returned positive after the coworker went to the fever clinic the next day.

Hospitals, government jointly conceal pandemic data

Xiaowei said, “All the leaders and everyone in the fever clinic concealed the employee’s positive test result. Then that night, next to the ward where I lived, my colleague started to have a fever.”

The hospital couldn’t hide that this coworker’s nucleic acid was not normal. Xiaowei said:

“They’re already suspecting that the coronavirus is starting to break out among our emergency department staff.” 

On September 7, they were taken to a motel for quarantine, and they started to feel sick with COVID-19 symptoms. They all had a fever, a sore throat, a cough, and phlegm. 

She said, “We were in so much pain that life was worse than death, and none of the leaders called to comfort us.”

Everyone was sent to designated hospitals and makeshift cabins.

Xiaowei said, “During the quarantine period, no medicine was given. No treatment was given, and no hospital leaders called us on behalf of the hospital to ask about the situation. This is all caused by the medical staff’s outbreak. The hospital leadership and management did not meet the requirements for management, but no one cares about this.”

After 20 days, they went home to self-isolate, and no one asked them what was happening during that time. What’s worse, the official didn’t tell them that their nucleic acid tests returned positive.

She said, “… the QR code is a red code. But the positive and negative test results are not written on it. Only a red code is written, and it just shows that it is a close contact person and needs strict observation at the quarantine site.”

Xiaowei said:

“Why don’t you report the results to us, and all the more than 20 people in the emergency department are positive, why not report it?” 

“They don’t have our (test) data, inside there are numbers that are reported every day, basically they don’t have a lot, a lot of datas of patient with positive test results.”

The medical staff was moved from the hotel to either a designated or makeshift hospital. Xiaowei was sent to the designated hospital. 

She said, “We are doing nucleic acid over there, but the nucleic acid (situation) will not be sent to any public account. The commander Ministry and local quarantine shelters, or quarantined designated hospitals know, the headquarters knows, and then there are some leaders who came to support from the autonomous region, they know. They all colluded and [the results] will not be posted  online.”

Medical staff infected but officials turn a blind eye

Xiaowei said, “We made various complaints in the hotel and called the Health Commission. The  Health Commission knew the hospital leaders. I said that the medical staff was positive with COVID, and they calmly said, ‘Oh, just go ahead with the complaint. Your director knows it right.’ I called the police, but the police didn’t take the case; when I called the police, they were very indifferent. The infection of medical staff is nothing to these large organizations and units. And no one will listen to you. Oh.'”

After they were sent to different hospitals, no one in charge asked why or answered.

Community workers and a coworker went with Xiaowei to the designated hospital.

She said, “My colleague is four months pregnant, and the hospital has not done any tests for her, not even given us routine blood tests.”/

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