Recently, tens of thousands of people protested on the streets at midnight in Futian Village, Shenzhen. The news went viral on the internet. The residents said their local officials did not lift the lockdown as they had announced but requested a two-day extension. Some people raised the suspicion that COVID’s prevention measures hide other intentions, not that of preventing the pandemic.

According to The Epoch Times, the lockdown was supposed to be lifted on September 9, but that has not happened. About 30,000 people in the Futian village protested in the middle of the night, which caused a large-scale conflict.

The media interviewed a resident in Futian village. He told the reporter that he had been waiting for the guard to remove the fence. But nothing happened, and people started protesting at every checkpoint.

Finally, a district official arrived at the scene and promised to remove the barricade two days later.

The man added that the district official promised to resolve the matter before 24 hours on September 11 and do two more rounds of nucleic acid testing before the villagers dispersed. There were 100 or 200 special forces police and militiamen in camouflage uniforms, and armed police forces arrived at Futian village.

An online video shows that at midnight on September 11, many residents of Putian village began to gather, waiting until 0:00 on September 12 to see if the official would keep his promise.

Villagers said Futian village had been closed many times since the beginning of the year. They suspect that the pandemic there had been deliberately created.

They revealed that most villagers are migrants who rent houses to live in. During the lockdown period, the villagers could not work, their livelihood was cut off, and the rent is expensive.

The interviewee revealed to reporters that the village had been closed several times since the beginning of this year, and some people wonder if this pandemic isolation is intentional.

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