According to China News on August 25, the Xinjiang government announced that the local pandemic situation was initially under control. However, many residents complain that Xinjiang has implemented rigid measures, trapping everyone in their houses with barbed wire. A large number of people are short of food and starving, and even the sick have no way to get medical care, according to NTDTV.

On August 26, the Xinjiang government announced at a press conference on pandemic prevention and control that there were 61 new cases. So far, 7 prefectures and 22 cities and counties in Xinjiang have been without new cases for 7 consecutive days. (0:16s)

However, people in Xinjiang told NTDTV on August 27 that lockdown measures were still being applied in many places. (0:32s)

A lady surname Wang, a citizen in Shihezi, Xinjiang, said: “The pandemic is very serious and we are under stricter control. Shihezi is closed, cannot enter or exit, every building in each residential area is locked.” (0:38s)

Another Xinjiang Hua, a resident of Ili said: “We have not been allowed to go out for more than 20 days, we are locked at home. Our place is in a low-risk area, but we are still not allowed to go out, there are people patrolling outside. All industries are affected.” (0:47s)

There are also a lot of local people calling for help on the internet. They say they have stayed in one place for 20 days, they even have their doors secured shut with barbed wire. Food is scarce and they are starving. Many sick people have no way to get medical treatment.  Transportation and shops are close, but the government has not made an official announcement, only announced it on WeChat groups. (1:06s)

Some said they went to a local wedding and were stranded in Shihezi for a month, and they still have not received an answer as to when they can leave. They have no food to eat. (1:25s)

Some people also posted videos about their experiences being stranded in Shihezi. (1:35s)

A person stranded in Shihezi, Xinjiang said: “I have to stay here due to the pandemic. Initially, we were not allowed to stay. The doors were locked, but the kind people here snuck me in. I know people who have no place to stay. Some people stay in cars, sleep in cars, some people sleep in shabby houses. In this situation, I am not afraid of the Shihezi police finding me.” (1:40s)

The man said he had no rice or noodles to eat for days. He called many times for help but was ignored. Now the water he drinks and the dumplings are all given by kind people. (2:02s)

A new outbreak in Xinjiang has heated up since the end of July, and has spread to 13 cities, provinces and 31 counties. According to a local announcement on August 26, the province currently has 51 confirmed cases, and 2,561 asymptomatic cases. (2:13s)

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