A police notice published by the Yongchang County Bureau Of Public Security, Gansu Province on Aug. 9 has reached the top of hot searches on Weibo. A 21-year-old young man surnamed Mao from Yongchang District was beaten into a coma by eight teenage boys and then buried alive. This incident sparked online discussions about juvenile delinquency in China.

The notice shows that at 12:12 am on July 30, a father reported to Yongchang County Bureau Of Public Security that his son had disappeared. The son, surnamed Mao, went out and lost contact at 1 pm on July 29. The father asked the police to search.

After investigating, the Public Security Agency arrested eight suspects, including a 14-year-old surnamed Guo. Previously, Mao got to know the girlfriend of the suspect surnamed Guo from a classmate. Guo did not like Mao following his girlfriend and intended to take revenge. 

The suspect then gathered 7 friends (all minors). From July 29 to 30, the suspects repeatedly beat Mao, leaving him in a coma, then buried him alive. The suspect also recorded part of the attack.

Police found Mao body buried on a hillside in Chengguan town, Yongchang district.

Currently, the eight suspects are in criminal detention.

The incident sparked heated discussions among netizens.

Most netizens are shocked by this. The Sound of Hope compiled some comments:

“Buried alive?? By a group of minors?????” “It’s horrible, they’re still so young, and yet so cruel!”

Someone expressed the hope that the murderer would be severely punished: “Murder is punishable by death!! These people have a heavy hatred!!!”; “Please don’t think of them as just children, this innate cruelty is ingrained in their bones. They can’t be forgiven just because they’re teenagers.”

Another suggested that this was due to an education problem: “This is probably the result of teaching with toxic textbooks.”

Sound of Hope reported that an unnamed insider claiming to be a local reported on the social network Zhihu that the eight juvenile suspects were all first-year high school students at No.5 middle school in Yongchang district, and the girl in the notice is also one of the suspects.

The insider said, “On July 30, Mao was locked up at one of these junior high students’ home overnight, during that time Mao was beaten and tortured endlessly.” “Some of them took the video and posted it on TikTok and Kuaishou before Mao died.”

An insider described the video content and said: “It’s too cruel. The video is filled with Mao’s cries for help and the laughter of these eight animals. It’s so tragic, please do not watch.”

Regarding the victim following the suspect’s girlfriend in the announcement, the insider said he had not heard about this. “We have not heard that Mao has been stalking this girl, but Mao was constantly sending private messages to this girl on TikTok. This girl is a junior student in No.5 middle school, also an accomplice.”

The insider also said, “That night, this video went viral in the entire Yongchang district. After the video’s attention reached its peak, the police and the school did not investigate the incident properly, but were busy covering up the truth and controlling public opinion.”

This person continued: “I was really angry after watching the video, and then I sent this to a group of 400 households in the residential area, and everyone was boiling indignant. When the discussion was heated, the police started texting me and asking me to delete the video, I ignored their request and the group was dissolved.”

“At 22:00, No. 5 Middle School issued an urgent notice asking all teachers to come to the school. The key content was two things: 1. Controlling public opinion and asking parents to delete the video. 2. Dissolving the class’s WeChat group, leaving only a Ding Ding group.”

A 10-year-old boy said: ‘Today I must slash you to death, no one can stop me!

In July, at the nucleic acid testing area of ​​a residential area in Shanghai, because the testing staff refused to give nucleic acids to a 10-year-old boy on a hover board. The boy ran home to get a knife and wanted to kill the staff. After being stopped, the boy cried: “Today I must slash you to death, no one can stop me!”

However, the boy’s mother still casually played with her phone while the incident was happening. The boy then grabbed his mother’s phone and threw it to the ground, the mother picked it up with an expressionless face and said nothing about the boy’s behavior. Even the father was completely indifferent.

While the boy’s grandparents kept telling people around not to anger him. His grandfather kept pulling him to avoid him getting agitated. Suddenly, the boy yelled at his grandfather and slapped him.

The CCP has implemented family planning since 1980. Therefore, many families have only one child. Parents and grandparents all hover around the child, causing excessive pampering, leading to severely spoiled children. 

There is a saying in China that loving children is harming them, pampering children is killing them. If we indulge our children too much, children will form an unruly character. They won’t be able to distinguish right from wrong, even go out to fight, cause trouble, and engage in crime.

Huang Tianliang: Urgently saves Chinese students 

More and more minors are committing crimes in China, and violence is common on campus.

Huang Tianliang has an article in The Epoch Times with the title “Urgently save Chinese students.” The article said that Chinese students were in the middle of a gunpowder-free massacre and their lives were at stake.

Huang believes that education is to spread orthodox culture, knowledge, and universal truths, but the Chinese Communist Party imposes on Chinese education evil anti-traditional, anti-humanity, anti-natural theories – atheism and tyrannic dictatorship.

Elementary school students commit suicide, middle school students are murdered, high school students have miscarriages, college students are murdered. Such news is happening every day in China, but that is just “the tip of the iceberg.” What is even more frightening is that it makes people’s spirits deformed and increasingly depraved.

A few days ago, the media exposed information with a lot of pornography and violence in textbooks and extra-curricular materials used in primary and secondary schools in mainland China.

Li Yuanhua, a former professor at the Capital Normal University, told The Epoch Times that there are too many documents on the Chinese internet and in Chinese newspapers that do not conform to moral standards. Morality has slipped and people seem emotionless. The issue of teaching materials reflects the Chinese social atmosphere today.

Huang also said that the content of Chinese students’ textbooks is full of theories that even the editors do not dare believe. For example: “The Communist Party is the world’s only hope,” “Relying on the party to win over natural disasters,” “The Party leads the national revival,” “The Party’s market economy policy: big fish eats small fish.”

He added: “What the Chinese government’s immoral education lacks is the moral relationship between people, the lack of truly universal value of life. Poor children with pure souls have been contaminated when exposed to society, since then they have lost independent thinking.

At the end of the article, Huang Tianliang made an appeal: “Chinese education is really freezing people’s hearts! I once again call out righteous people around the world to help Chinese children and save them quickly! Their situation is really dangerous!”


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