When a stubborn toddler knows she is in trouble, she instantly recognizes it and will go to any length to avoid punishment from Mom and Dad. She was acting as if she were a lawyer, and her tactic was to deny, deny, deny.

In a recent viral video, 21-month-old Lilyana from Jacksonville, Florida, consistently refused to admit touching dog food though her parents had witnessed her doing moment earlier.

Because language skills take time to develop, Lilyana’s solution was to deny what she had done over and over.

Lilyana’s mother, Sarah, 38, shared the video on Facebook, where it has received over 286K shares and 28K comments.

‘She is hilarious!’ commented one user. “She will be a handful as a teenager!! So cute!”

“Awww so cute,” said another. “and they say kids can’t lie at this age.”

“Future attorney,” one added. “So cute.”

“The argument started because earlier when I was doing dishes, Lilyana came over and almost touched a sharp knife so my husband told her not to touch it and she said she didn’t touch it,” the mother said, according to the Daily Mail.

In an act of disobedience, Lilyana began touching other objects she was not allowed to touch. She quickly approached and began stealing food from the dog Jude’s bowl. The principal argument in the footage started after that.

Sarah right away asked whether Lilyana had touched the dog food, and she emphatically said that she had not. Lilyana yells back, “No, I did not touch the food!”.

For about two minutes, she persisted in denying any fault.

“What 21-month-old doesn’t try? She figured out that we were teasing her and she was being funny so she kept it going on that she didn’t touch the food,” Sarah said according to the Animal Channel.

Her 40-year-old father, Tim, finally must intervene. He confirmed that he had seen her touch the food as well, adding that she touched the pet food with her right hand.

Lilyana, however, seemed unconcerned about the proof or eyewitnesses. She was absolutely not guilty in her mind.

After the fight, the toddler walked off to watch TV, leaving her mother speechless at her daughter’s furious arguments.

Sarah and Tim could not stop laughing at their daughter’s reactions. “After she got distracted by the TV we went outside and rode her bike and played bubbles with her!” the mother recalled.

However, it is understandable why the parents got angry with their daughter. Children at that age are not only likely to eat pet food, but they can also make things messy. That meal is just meant for the dog only.

The parents were also attempting to teach their children the importance of accepting responsibility for one’s behavior. Trying to get Lilyana to take responsibility for touching the food was a losing battle this time, though.

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