The Austrian newspaper “Der Standard” published an article on September 25 stating that “the CCP is often described as a black box.” And it said that the Chinese Communist Party operates in a sealed environment. It went on, “You have to know that to better understand the rumors circulating on the internet since Friday last week: It was said that Xi Jinping has been stripped of power and has been detained in Zhongnanhai, Beijing.” The article concluded that: “Currently, there is no reliable information to draw conclusions to confirm or deny the rumor.” “These reports prove two things: On the one hand, the power and persistence of rumors on social media, on the other hand, the unclear structure of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Since Xi’s return to Beijing from his visit to Uzbekistan on September 16, he has not appeared in public, which has fueled many speculations and theories.

According to Der Standard, Xi met with other heads of state from the Shanghai Cooperation Agency in Uzbekistan last week. In addition to Central Asian countries, Russia and India are also members of the organization. In his absence a general of the People’s Liberation Army is said to have taken over. Xi rushed back to Beijing and was arrested there.

Der Standard reported that the rumor was spread by a former Indian minister, with a Twitter account of more than 10 million followers, and hashtags, whereisxi and chinacoup were spread widely , but at the same time people mocked and ridiculed the rumor.

The article made the observation about the CCP that, although it has 80 million members, the inner workings follow obscure mechanisms that amaze even experts with decades of experience.

Indian newspaper WION has researched the information and said it seems that it is just baseless claims shared by unverified social media operators and they have no concrete evidence.

According to WION, a Twitter user with an account identified as New Highland Vision wrote that former CCP General Secretary Hu Jintao and former premier Wen Jiabao convinced Song Ping, a former Politburo Standing member, to take control of the Central Guard Bureau from Xi. The tweet was posted on September 22. The account has more than 20,000 followers.

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