A few days ago, an apartment building in Hohhot city, Inner Mongolia, was sealed due to pandemic restrictions. As a result woman died after falling from the building because rescuers couldn’t get to her in time. After the incident, some locals also caught over 10 local Party cadres gathering to have a drink.

On November 8, Nextapple re-posted a video taken by a local on November 7 showing that, in the early morning, some residents discovered more than 10 local Party cadres gathering to drink and party in the center of Xiaozhaoqian Street. These 10 men and women did not wear masks, talked and laughed and carried on. Their table was full of beer and white wine, which was opposite to the scene of ordinary people losing their lives due to strict lockdowns. The news caused public outrage, and local officials urgently dealt with it. They have been disciplined by the Party and removed from political work, but have retained their membership.

On November 5, Chinese media reported that, on the evening of November 4, an audio recording of a WeChat group was widely circulated on social platforms, saying that a mother had fallen from the building, her daughter cried and begged to open the sealed door so she could help her mother. The girl screamed desperately, “Is there anyone, please open the door, open the door! Please open it quickly!” “Is my mother dead?” According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, a local said that all the neighbors saw the woman fall to the ground, but the residential manager wouldn’t open the door for more than ten minutes. The woman died due to a lack of timely emergency care.

According to Aboluowang, netizens rumored that the mother who fell from the building was still wearing a jacket, possibly she had just returned home. People thought that maybe she found things missing after pandemic workers had been to disinfect her apartment. Netizens also said that it’s hard when jobs are lost due to the pandemic but to come home and find furniture gone is just too much. but nothing has been confirmed by the government.

On the evening of November 4, police and pandemic workers from Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, arrived at the scene and confirmed that the woman had died.

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