The Chinese government’s extreme anti-epidemic measures have gradually escalated, with authorities requiring all citizens to take nucleic acid tests under the slogan “no one is left behind.” Recently, in Shenzhen, a regulation issued by the government-controlled funeral home was revealed by netizens. The funeral home requires people going to the funeral home to report deaths to provide a certificate of the nucleic acid test of the dead person.

On May 25, a screenshot posted by mainland netizens caused heated discussions.

Sina News reported that on the notification section of the “Smart Funeral” app (iShenzhen) in Shenzhen, there is a “warm” reminder sent to the community: During the COVID-19 outbreak, if someone died in a blockaded area, the person who reports the death must show either a “Death Certificate” or “Body Receipt” to the funeral homes. In addition, a certificate of nucleic acid testing for the deceased should also be provided in accordance with regional testing requirements.

As Sina News reported, on the 25th, Shenzhen Funeral Home personnel responded that residents need to provide the deceased’s certificate of nucleic acid test results to them. Employees say the policy has been in place and applied since this year, and a certificate of testing within 24 hours is mandatory. Certificates of nucleic acid test results of the deceased’s family members may also be required. If the dead are newly infected with covid 19, the Funeral Home will also have a corresponding policy and process.

Shenzhen Funeral Home is the only agency in the city responsible for transporting, storing remains, and other funeral services.

The above information has sparked netizens’ interest and lively/ animated/ excited discussion. The Epoch Times cited some comments on mainland social media. 

Someone said: “You can’t die without a certificate of nucleic acid test? If you don’t have a certificate, you have to be isolated in the underworld/ hell?”  

Another one said: “If you want to be cremated tomorrow, you have to do a nucleic acid test today. That means before you die, you have to do a nucleic acid. This is the last and mandatory procedure before your death. After getting the certificate of nucleic acid tests, the dead are/ can be cremated.” 

Another online user asked: “If someone tested positive, where would he go to quarantine? Take him to the makeshift hospital, and he will be discharged when he tested negative? Now the nucleic acid test has become insane/ crazy, forcing the people into a dead end.” 

The authorities have required all citizens to take nucleic acid tests, using the slogan “no one is overlooked/ missed”. Some areas even send epidemic prevention workers to farms and deserts to conduct nucleic acid testing. 

While provinces and cities are conducting widespread nucleic acid testing, the range continues to be expanded. Epidemic prevention personnel entered a restaurant and took samples on/from the tables and excrement from restrooms. In addition, there is also a video that shows epidemic prevention workers entering a farmer’s household and testing chickens, ducks, swans, and other livestock for samples. 

As Takungpao reported on May 9, the China Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a meeting. They emphasized that it is necessary to improve the sensitivity of surveillance and early warning systems. Large cities should set up nucleic acid testing sites within a 15-minute walking distance to expand coverage and monitoring channels. 

According to Takungpao, at a press conference on May 23, Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the National Health Commission (NHC), emphasized that testing must become more efficient. Provinces and cities with more than 10 million people should set up testing sites within a 15-minute walking distance to serve the residents.

Xinhuanet—the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, on May 14, boasted that many cities in China have now proposed the goal of building “nucleic acid testing points within a 15-minute walk of each other.” The purpose, of course, is to make it convenient for people to “test as much as possible,” and officials must also “collect as many samples as possible.” 

According to some media reports in mainland China, since the end of April, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and other regions have successively introduced nucleic acid testing requirements and increased the number of testing sites. People need to have a negative certificate of the nucleic acid test to enter public places or use public transport.  

Recently, many netizens have re-posted a children’s song called “Take the test” on Weibo promoting nucleic acid testing. The tune of this rhyme comes from a propaganda video called “red umbrella with white shaft,” which was released last year. 

Now, the song “Take the test” has appeared in student textbooks, recorded and sung by children, and streamed online to promote the importance of nucleic acid testing. This move by the authorities has caused controversy among the public. A netizen commented, “Parents have to keep testing nucleic acid tests every day, and their children are not spared.” 

Li Hengqing, a senior economist and auditor in the United States, told the Epoch Times: “The cost of the nucleic acid test is paid for by the Chinese government. The government-funded money has been paid for the testing company. And behind those COVID-19 testing organizations is the white-glove elite of the Chinese Communist Party.” 

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