In December, Jeff Perrine spoke in a Meeting Video at the Lincoln, CA board meeting and became a hero. Perrine took on the masked “beta males” on the board who used their position as educators to indoctrinate left-wing impressions on young minds.

He said, “When I see the members of the board in the schools that are in control of our children and the way they think, I’m disgusted.” He added, “This is exactly why my kids are at home, homeschooled, staying away from people like you that want to poison their minds and think there’s something they should fear. You guys are like the bogeyman, you’re creating hysteria and you’re creating a generation of children with social anxiety. You’re going to create an entire generation of pill-popping junkies.”

Perrine continued, “And this is going to be your doing because they have no idea what other people’s faces and smiles look like. They’re going to grow up in a world of angry bitter people, pissed-off citizens who have no idea, [that] this mouth plays a major role in non-verbal communication.”

Jeff Perrine took psychology classes and attended boot camps. He has spoken with a variety of parents about various aspects of psychology. Some people support modern schooling, while others oppose it. After he presented his educational background and announced that he supported children in the community, and was applauded by the crowd.

He said, “But I stand up for the kids, that’s the difference. I stand up for the kids in the community. I put my life on the line for these kids. I stand up for everybody’s kids in all the communities. I do it on a 9 to 5 basis, Monday through Sunday 12 to 12. These women right here, it’s sad you beta males let these women lead by example. Let me tell you right now you sad little betas, you are seen as weak minuscule men. And I tell my [unintelligible] men like you, those aren’t men. You will be weak, minuscule men the rest of your lives, and I’m not going to let you influence the boys in this community to be little cucks. You understand? This is a city of men, not betas, not gender-identified people. There are men and there are women and there are betas and there are alphas and this omicron crap is a joke.”

When it was his turn to speak, Perrine, who goes by the handle “The Prudent Patriot” on Twitter and YouTube, was ready to go. His words may serve as an inspiration for other parents who are tired of forced masking, critical race theory, and the hyper-sexualization of young children by mental predators posing as teachers.

“Take the mask off, take a deep breath, go do some yoga … this is psychological damage. And I know you’re looking at me bro cause you know what I’m saying is truth. You know it, and you’re going to go home and sleep on this and it’s going to bother you. And I’ll be back in two weeks, bro. I’ll be back every two weeks cause I own my own business, I homeschool my kids, and I can do that because no one else signs my checks. We sign their checks and you best bet that I’m going to run a boatload of people against you guys. There ain’t gonna be no easy peasy election next time. … you guys are toast. I don’t care what you did in your community because this is enough. You can go do all the good you want but when you poison my kids’ mind, it’s done. You’ve crossed the line. So I’m letting you know, we’re pissed and it’s enough.”

As the outcry against lousy teachers swept the country, his epic comments were put on his YouTube channel and became viral.

The entire audience is laughing at the board, not at the parent. It was a total riot. It’s also worth noting that mockery is a potent tool against self-importance.” He recommended that parents read an excellent booklet called “Shut up!” on using mockery against poorly elected boards.

Perrine continued, “A bizarre struggle launched by a public library against the First Amendment. Every parent dealing with an out-of-control local council should have this book. My co-authors and I were ahead of the curve on this subject, and I’ve gone through what you’re going through right now. Without it, you won’t be able to oppose the town hall.

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