Recently, in China, there have been frequent anomalies. On November 21, three suns appeared in the sky over Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia, and lasted about 5 hours. This event came just three months after the three suns in Chongqing in August. The fact that the three suns are appearing so often has attracted the attention of netizens.

The Phoenix news agency reported on November 22 that on the way to work, a resident of Hulunbeier by the name of Wang, was surprised to see three suns appear in the sky. She took a video and posted it on the internet, immediately sparking heated debates among netizens.

According to Sound Of Hope, a netizen said, “We have entered an era of chaos.” According to traditional Chinese culture, it is believed that natural phenomenon are signs are for society and the government to make changes.

Someone predicted, “The prophecies that failed in 2002 will become true in 2022”, because in the past, many Yoruba priests in Nigeria predicted that 2002 would bring tragedies and major crises, including coups, wars, diseases, and floods.

Recently, there have been frequent anomalies in China, in which many suns often appear in the sky.

In August, some netizens captured photos of the “three suns” in Sichuan province, and also in August, two suns appeared in Chongqing.

This summer, many parts of China suffered the most severe heat wave in 60 years. Chongqing, which is known as a “furnace,” also suffered from drought due to continuous rising temperatures. Wildfires raged in Fuling District, 66 rivers have stopped flowing and 25 reservoirs have dried up. Chongqing was thus upgraded from a “furnace” to a “smelting furnace.”

In March 2021, “three suns” appeared at the same time in many places in Henan. Previously, in February, the abnormal scene of thundersnow happened in Henan. Two anomalies occurred, leading many to think that it was not a good omen, according to Sound Of Hope.

In December 2020, the “three suns” also suddenly appeared in the sky over Xuanwumen, Beijing. In ancient times, Xuanwumen was the place where prisoners were executed prisoners right outside the gate, so Xuanwumen was also known as the “Gate of Death.” Many people fear that the appearance of the three suns at this time.

In traditional Chinese culture, there is a saying, “If anomalies occur, it is a bad omen.” According to the ancient book “Chunqiu” more than 2,000 years ago recorded that if “two suns appear at the same time, the earth cracks, and the water does not flow” there will be a “great earthquake.”

The ancient Chinese believed that the sun represented the head of the world. Therefore, the sun is often associated with those who hold supreme power. Two or more suns appearing in the sky indicates that the king will be replaced, the dynasty will be overthrown, and the world there will be chaos.

Li Chunfeng of the Tang Dynasty also mentioned in “Yisi Zhan” that the appearance of many suns at the same time is a sign that the world will be divided. He wrote, “The two suns appear together, the vassals have a plan, called doom. The world is in chaos, the ungodly must die.”

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