On the evening of September 28, students from many universities in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China gathered to protest on campuses, chanting slogans and demanding the lockdown end. They questioned why teachers can come and go freely but students cannot? Does the virus only find students and not teachers?

Twitter account Proud Girl posted a video showing crowds of students in Zhengzhou simultaneously chanting, “Lift lockdown! Lift lockdown!” Many students repeatedly questioned the supposed leader of the school. A student wearing a black T-shirt said, “It’s safe for the teachers to go in and out, but it’s not safe for us to go in and out?”

This video was posted by Proud Girl with the content, “Time: 6:00 – 6:30 pm, Wednesday, September 28, at Zhengzhou University, Henan Province, students in the buildings shouted ‘Lift lockdown!'”

Twitter account @tw_tomy_ also posted a video with the content, “Many universities in Henan are asking for the lockdown to be lifted. Henan Industrial and Commercial Vocational College, Henan Electromechanical Vocational College, Henan College of Finance, Henan Technical College, Zhongyuan Technology Academy on September 28, 2022 (Monday).”

After the student protests, some universities lifted the lockdown. Twitter user Proud Girl again posted a chat with the content, “Looks like it worked. The leader said to lift the lockdown in 3 days.”

A teacher from Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Institute of Technology told Sound Of Hope that private schools have ended the lockdown but at the Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Institute they need a directive from their superiors. Because the students protested they issued a specific leave procedure.

A Zhengzhou resident by the name of Zhang, told Sound of Hope that the pandemic has been under control for nearly three years, and many problems are just like jokes. Two days ago (the pandemic) broke out in Yunnan, and many people said that the virus has the right to choose who to spread it to. Cities have been restricted. Because the government’s central issue is no longer for pandemic prevention, they soon have to face the 7th Plenary Meeting of the 19th Central Committee and the 20th National Congress, maintaining control is a top priority.

A quote from Zhang was translated from the Chinese, “Two days ago, a close friend of mine in Zhengzhou was arrested. I think the controls before the 20th National Congress are very serious, and political problems are still weighing on everything. Moreover, the struggle of senior government officials is also very fierce. Now the government is too busy with many problems, the focus is on defending the regime.” He added that the economy weighs heavily on everyone’s mind.

The account @TragedyInChina on September 28 posted a notice from an internet call group, “Freshman and sophomore, this shout is to win back your own future college life. Third, fourth-year students, this shout is to regain your dignity as a person! Today they can tie our feet! Tomorrow they can gag us and tie our hands! Friends, shout out all the discontent in your heart! Shout out in front of the senior leaders! Shout out to the teachers who are taking the bus home! Shout out to the employees who are happily counting money! Shout out to the still emotionless hearts of your peers!” Sound Of Hope quoted Zhang as saying, “This is a kind of resistance because they can’t stand it any longer. Also, I think it has great meaning when students have thoughts and turn thoughts into action, I think this is particularly valuable.”

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