Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying posted an article on Twitter on September 24. She used two photos of planes to compare the differences between what the United States and China offer to other countries.

One photo shows a U.S. C17 transport plane unloading a tank; The other picture is a Chinese Air Force Y-20 transport plane sending a large amount of anti-pandemic supplies to Uzbekistan. In front of them, two people held up a banner with a verse written by the Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Jiuling: “Close friends don’t mind long distance, even thousands miles away still close.”

At the same time, Hua wrote on the words, “Destruction & Construction,” implying that the U.S. is destroying, and the Chinese communist regime is building. The tweet was mocked by netizens and they scolded Hua.

An Aboluowang reporter gathered comments from Chinese netizens that have been translated, “How can you be so shameless?! If you want to know what a scoundrel looks like, just look at the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. First bring your assets and your daughter back to China, then it will be convincing!

Another said: “Can you live without the U.S.?” “Your family and your daughter all live in the United States.”

Another said, U.S. aid is for civilians, many slums in Africa are aided by the US. Your aid (implies China) is all used to fatten the dictators and bully the people.”

Some netizens have re-posted videos of Chinese pandemic workers wearing white protective suits brutally beating civilians while implementing the “zero-COVID” policy, as well as photos of Chinese regime tanks killing students in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989.

Some netizens posted a photo of a Chinese transport plane Yun-20 carrying soldiers and a photo of a US C17 transport plane bringing aid to Indonesia with the tweet, “Invade & Aid.”

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