The FIFA World Cup kicked off in Qatar on November 20, and the Chinese men’s soccer team failed to qualify. The Chinese regime exaggerated comments that “Chinese elements are everywhere at the World Cup” has caused ridicule from netizens. Chinese media reported an article with the title “Outside of the Chinese team, the World Cup field ‘does not lack China,'” and was mocked by the public.

On February 1, in the eighth round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia held in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Chinese team lost to the Vietnamese team with a score of 1-3, missing the opportunity to participate in the World Cup in Qatar. Public opinion considers this to be humiliating for the Chinese men’s team. Some fans said they had insulted China, while others uploaded multiple videos of smashing TVs to express their anger.

On the eve of the World Cup, the CCP’s CCTV broadcaster introduced eight stadiums in Qatar, emphasizing that Lusail Stadium is the main stadium, built by Chinese companies. Player jerseys, soccer balls, main stadiums, ancillary products, and official cars are almost all manufactured or supplied by Chinese companies.

The CCP Ambassador to Qatar Zhou Jian, donned a Hanfu and received a video interview with the CCP’s Xinhua News Agency, where he talked about the “Made in China” at the World Cup. He said, “Chinese elements and Chinese contributions can be seen everywhere, just like the starry sky that illuminates the entire World Cup in Qatar.”

Zhou’s comment quickly sparked sarcasm. One netizen said, “Even pandas come to Qatar, except for the men’s team.” Another said, “People who come to watch soccer matches, don’t care what’s produced in China.”

The official CCP media China Newsweek published an article on the November 21, although the article devoted a lot to introducing Chinese manufacturers at the World Cup, the title brought its own attention when it read “except for the Chinese team.”

On the eve of the World Cup , the Chinese men’s soccer team became the subject of discussion again.

On November 7, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Aviation Industry Corporation Tan Ruisong, attended China Airshow 2022 held in Zhuhai. He said, “Hopefully our aviation industry will not become a ‘national soccer team’, but will become a ‘national table tennis team.'”

After the video interview was made public, it gained widespread attention on the internet. Some netizens believe that according to Tan, the aviation industry has always taken the national table tennis team as a model, and the national soccer team has become the worst representative.

According to a report by Deutsche Welle, in 2015, China implemented a national soccer plan, under the personal push of Xi Jinping. The goal was to make Chinese soccer a first-class Asian team by 2030 and a world-class team by 2050. However, German soccer coach Lars Isecke, head of coach training of the China Football Association complained about the plan. He pointed out that the school does not allow enough freedom for physical education to practice creativity. School time alone lasted from morning to afternoon, plus hours of homework, then “where do athletes have time for soccer?”

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