Nottingham Forest soccer player Lyle Taylor has spoken out against the new custom imposed by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, in which some professional players kneel before the playing of national anthem, rejecting the tradition and supporting the BLM movement and its leftist ideology.

Taylor, during an interview on Friday, Feb. 19, with IBC News, announced that he will not “kneel” for the BLM movement, calling it a “Marxist group” that pushes “race riots.”

Like most people, Taylor said he agrees with the message that black lives matter and that racial inequality is not good. Which does not justify violence, looting, or the intent to destroy the capitalist system or traditions as put forth by the BLM movement.

“But, we are hanging our hat on a Marxist group who are … looking to defund the police, they’re looking to use societal unrest and racial unrest to push their own political agenda and that’s not what black people are,” said the soccer player.

Taylor, who is black, also sympathized with white players who are forced to kneel no matter how much they think like him, because otherwise they are immediately labeled as racists. 

Taylor has spoken out against attempts to change the terminology around race that is historically used, such as with the term “mixed race,” which he grew up with, which was changed in favor of the term “dual heritage.”

“You have some people saying you can’t say black. You can’t say mixed race because it’s now dual heritage. No, no. I’m mixed race. My mum is white and my dad is black.”

The BLM movement has penetrated with great force in England and has also caused great damage to historical buildings and monuments in rejection of traditional values, which are understood by the movement, unfoundedly, as the origin of racism. 

The world of sport was no exception to the infiltration of the movement, in fact, the shirts of Premier League clubs also carried the Black Lives Matter slogan during the 2019-20 season. This new season they included a patch promoting the league’s own anti-discrimination campaign, called No Room For Racism.

Several players and teams, including Brentford last weekend, stopped kneeling before games, stating they disagreed with the movement’s underlying measures and intentions arguing similar sentiments to those recounted by Taylor.


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