A petition to investigate the risky medication prescribed to children who want to change sex was signed by 260 doctors and addressed to the federal health minister of Australia. The web page was suspended for sabotage, preventing the collection of more signatures.

Some doctors, according to John Whitehall, professor of pediatrics at Western Sydney University, have prescribed puberty-blocking hormones without “a proper scientific basis for the medical pathway of treatment of childhood gender dysphoria,” according to the Daily Mail of Sept. 26.

Children who believe they are of the opposite sex and want to change their sexual characteristics are prescribed puberty-blocking hormones as a forerunner to achieving sex change in adulthood.

Professor Whitehall said these blockers put minors at risk, who could suffer from permanent infertility and memory loss.

The website hosting the collection of signatures received “obscene replies,” causing it to be disabled on Sept. 25.

Also, in the letter to the federal Minister of Health Greg Hunt, Whitehall  mentioned a “rapidly increasing number of Australian children reported to be suffering from gender dysphoria.”

The pediatrician also warns that the blockers affect the limbic system and that “the volume of the brain decreases at a rate 10 times faster than ageing,” according to the Daily Mail.

He also noted that puberty blockers, taken as a forerunner to cross sex hormones and sex change surgery, also have the potential to stunt bone growth and memory.

Among the specialists who signed were nine child psychiatrists, nine pediatricians, 14 university professors and associate professors.

Child and adolescent psychiatrist Christopher Gillberg says he believes the unproven treatment of gender-confused children is “possibly one of the greatest scandals in medical history,” The Australian reported on Oct. 2.

Professor Gillberg and his neuropsychiatry group at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), that has research centers in Britain, France, and Japan, called for an immediate moratorium on the use of pubertal blockers because of their unknown long-term effects.

In this context, Rob Pollnitz, a retired pediatrician with 50 years of experience, said he believed that gender confusion in children and adolescents was primarily a psychological issue, not a biological one.

“Before we give them unproven treatments with hormones and surgery, we ought to do our very best to sort out their psychological issues,” the specialist said.

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