A United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Refugees, Italian Filippo Grandi, sent a controversial message to the U.S. government urging that it lift asylum restrictions on migrants at the southern border. His announcement comes at the worst moment of an unprecedented border crisis promoted by leftist globalist-tinged policies. 

The UN request is quite inopportune considering the difficulties experienced at the southern border of the U.S. due to the collapse of the immigration system caused by the thousands of migrants who try to enter the country daily motivated by the open-house policies of the White House.

Federal authorities are in dispute between their apparent interest in relaxing the borders for the entry of migrants and deep opposition from the majority of Americans, especially in the southern states affected by the conflict.

“I appeal to the government of the United States to swiftly lift the public health-related asylum restrictions that remain in effect at the border and to restore access to asylum for the people whose lives depend on it, in line with international legal and human rights obligations,” Grandi wrote in a statement posted on the official United Nations website.

Biden administration immigration officials are managing a balancing act by simultaneously opening multiple small doors for migrants while declaring the border partially closed and using Title 42 health emergencies to argue for the exclusion of some migrants.

With this political deception, they seek to satisfy both those more radical sectors of the left that promote a total opening of borders and those sectors that are more reluctant about the entry of migrants, especially those who enter illegally. 

Grandi insisted that Americans should not worry about the entry of the CCP Virus through open borders:

“At the height of the public health emergency, many countries put in place protocols such as health screening, testing and quarantine measures, to simultaneously protect both public health and the right to seek asylum.”

Regarding this last comment, the reality on the ground has several sticking points. On the one hand, the concern of Americans about the migrants is not just about the contagion of the virus. Instead, it has to do with the entry of thousands of illegal immigrants, many of whom are involved in criminal activities such as drug trafficking, murder, and human trafficking.

Another point to consider is that when the migration system has failed, it is challenging to carry out the necessary care mentioned by Grandi to control the virus’s spread adequately.

The UN message also fails to consider the negative impact of the unrestricted entry of migrants into the country in terms of unfair competition in the labor market, just when the CCP Virus pandemic has generated widespread economic instability.

Approximately 42 million people located South of Texas want to migrate to the United States, according to a March 24 warning to President Joe Biden by Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of the Gallup polling firm.

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