A Republican from Georgia accused a Californian social media giant of censoring her for questioning the intelligence of her fellow party members.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) personal Twitter account was suspended without notice after she repeatedly posted critical remarks about the professional conduct of both Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Georgia Voting Systems Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling.

Greene was unhappy with the pair’s failure to reverse the outcome of Georgia-leg of the November election.

“The 1/5 disaster in Georgia lays solely in the hands of state leadership who failed voters in our state,” she said on Twitter. “[Brad Raffensperger] and Gabriel Sterling were begged by Republicans to fix our elections [but] they did nothing. They are to blame, not me, not Donald Trump, not [Georgia Rep.] Doug Collins.”

The Republican blamed Raffensperger and Sterling for not doing enough to prevent the GOP from losing control of the Senate at the Georgia runoff election, on Jan. 5.

“Morons like you are responsible for losing Georgia’s two Republican Senate seats,” she said on Twitter. “It was all of you who arrogantly sat on your ass, refusing to listen to the people who pay for everything, and changed nothing to these scam elections that turned Georgia’s two red Senate seats blue … Republican voters in Georgia know exactly who they are blaming–it is not Trump and it ain’t me.”

Twitter’s safety team responded to the heated remarks by locking Greene out of her own account for 12 hours.

“[Greene’s account] has been temporarily locked out for multiple violations” of Twitter’s Civic Integrity policy, a representative said according to Reuters.

However, Greene believes the social media giant simply disapproves of her conservative thinking.

“The borderline monopolistic stranglehold a few Big Tech companies have on American political discourse is out of control,” she said in a statement. “American rights are being stripped away and they are not being heard by the people they elected to represent them. With Big Tech silencing them, they literally cannot be heard—the censorship has got to stop.”

She accused staff working for Twitter of trying to undermine free enterprise, private ownership, and socially traditional ideas.

“If a conservative dares to utter a political opinion that is deemed unapproved by the internet police they are now subject to false accusations of ‘inciting violence’ simply for having a conservative view,” she said. “Conservative Americans should not be afraid to speak their mind, they should not have to fear being canceled by American corporations where they work, do business, and use services—they should not be scared into submission by socialists who want to end their way of life.”

She believes Congress should introduce legislation that prevents any American from being silenced for having different political views.

“Congress must act, and act swiftly, to protect free speech in America,” she said.

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