Countless supporters extended a warm welcome to the former president and his wife when they returned to their Florida residence on Jan. 20.

Former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have returned to their permanent Palm Beach residence at the Mar-a-Lago Club, 69 miles north of downtown Miami.

Several locals and fans could be seen outside the resort cheering and waving Trump 2020 campaign banners. Some displayed signs with handwritten messages saying “Pres Trump won,” “we love you, President Trump,” and “welcome home Trump.”

Others stood along Southern Boulevard between Palm Beach Airport and the resort to wish him well. Fox 35 News estimated hundreds of people could be seen when the former president’s motorcade passed by.

“We want to show him he is not alone,” Palm Beach resident Daniel Rakus, 65, told Fox. “He did a great job. We support him.”

The final motorcade slowed down at several parts of the journey to give supporters a chance to cheer and wave to the former president and first lady.

“Goodbye, I love you. We will be back in some form,” the former president could be heard saying before boarding Air Force One for the last time to depart for the Sunshine State according to Breitbart.

The pair left the White House at about 8 a.m. and neither of them reportedly attended Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s official inauguration ceremony in Washington.

Trump is the first former president to skip a successor’s inauguration ceremony since 1869, when Andrew Johnson skipped Ulysses Grant’s ceremony after being impeached.

The outgoing president thanked Americans for giving him the privilege of leading the nation.

“It is a great honor, the honor of a lifetime, greatest people in the world, the greatest home in the world—I call it a home—we have had an amazing four years,” he said in a video shared on Twitter.

He described his first four years as president as a productive term filled with many achievements.

“We have accomplished a lot,” he said.

He also hinted that he is still open to making another tilt for the Oval Office at the 2024 general election.

“We love the American people, and it has been something very special,” he said. “I just want to say goodbye but, hopefully, it is not a long-term goodbye–we will see each other again.”

Trump is rumored to be holding talks with his closest allies about potentially founding a new independent political party.

Several aides and other “people familiar with the matter” confirmed with the Wall Street Journal the new conservative group would be called the Patriot Party.

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