A Democrat from California received a frosty reception on her first official visit to Central American countries.

Kamala Harris’s visit to Guatemala quickly drew protesters who demanded that she leave the Land of Eternal Spring.

Images went viral on social media, showing Trump supporters standing outside La Aurora International Airport.

The peaceful group displayed banners and placards informing the vice president that “Trump won” the November presidential election. They also suggested she should “mind your own business,” “stop funding criminals,” and “go home [to the United States].”

Another banner showed what appears to be a pregnant Harris with the words, “no constitutional reforms: Guatemala is pro life.” The banner also blamed her for “unemployment” and “lawfare.”

Harris claimed her visit was meant to address “root problems” that led thousands of Latin Americans to cross the U.S.-Mexico border and illegally enter the United States.

At her first bilateral meeting with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, Harris tried to deflect attention away from the Joe Biden administration’s policy against detaining illegal aliens in the United States.

The vice president then tried to blame the surge of illegal immigrants on climate change, a theory which holds burning fossil fuels creates carbon emissions that allegedly influence long-term weather patterns.

Harris and Giammattei only spoke to reporters at a news conference after their one-on-one, and closed-door discussions had already ended.

The Democrat also met with several community groups, leaders, and female entrepreneurs before finally departing for Mexico later on June 7.

Harris’s trip has not gone smoothly, especially since Air Force Two made an emergency landing at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

The aircraft had only just taken off, and about 25 minutes into the flight, when cabin crew detected a “technical issue” and made a quick landing.

Vice presidential spokeswoman Symone Sanders confirmed no major safety concerns, and the aircraft safely made an emergency landing.

Sanders confirmed it took about 90 minutes for the vessel to be fully repaired, delaying Harris’s visit to Guatemala City even before she left the United States.

President Biden separately plans to make his first international trip shortly afterward. He will spend several days in the United Kingdom, meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth II.

He also plans to meet with Group of Seven leaders, North Atlantic Treaty Organization officials, European Union leaders, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden will then visit Belgium and Switzerland.

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