Former President Donald Trump held a “Save America” rally in Georgia on Saturday, Sept. 25, in which he left 13 seats empty in the front row to honor the 13 heroic U.S. soldiers. They were killed in Afghanistan during the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces.

Twitter user Jewish Deplorable shared a photo showing the empty seats with the caption, “13 empty seats at the #TrumpRally to honor the brave Americans who died in Kabul.”

Jenna Ellis, a former Trump lawyer, also tweeted the event, calling him “a true Commander in Chief who LOVES AMERICA!”

The Trump rally, as usual, attracted a massive crowd of supporters even though he is no longer in office.

Trump’s assistant Dan Scavino shared a photo that showed thousands of Americans packed into the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry.

Newsmax revealed that an audience of more than 40 million Americans were watching Trump’s speech via its channel.

Twitter user Vince Langman joked that even if President Joe Biden could give everyone a new $1,400 stimulus check, he could not draw such a crowd.

This rally stokes more speculation about Trump’s potential bid for the White House in 2024, though he has said he cannot announce the bid yet due to outdated campaign finance laws.

During his speech, the former president promised a “glorious victory in 2024.”

“I’m thrilled to be back in this magnificent state with thousands of hard working god fearing freedom loving, American patriots,” Trump said. “And one year from now, Georgia is going to be a central battleground in our fight to rescue our beloved nation.”

“With your help, we’re going to take back the House and send Nancy Pelosi back to San Francisco,” he said. “And we’re going to take back our country from these lunatics.”

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