A former president compared a news blackout on Democrat-linked spying revelations to America’s first step towards becoming a dictatorship.

Donald Trump is disappointed about the lack of media coverage on Special Counsel John Durham’s discovery that Hillary Clinton supporters falsified evidence to link the Trump campaign to Russian espionage in the United States.

“The Russian hoax, which is now being exposed as bigger than Watergate [and] the second-biggest scandal is the newspapers agree it is the biggest but refuse to write about it,” he said according to the Michael Savage podcast show.

BL and other digital media publishers have regularly reported on Durham’s investigation into whether campaign counsel Michael Sussmann paid contractor Fusion GPS to “infiltrate” Trump’s computer servers and monitor his cellphone data.

“There are some that are doing a full-time job of covering it, on the internet it is the biggest story, [and] the good news is people are seeing it,” Trump can be heard saying.

“The second part of the story is they [mainstream media] are not covering it [and] that is really big news and that to me is the beginning of communism [and] that is how it all starts–that is the beginning of communism,” he added.

The former president compared the Durham inquiry to the 1972 Watergate abuse of power scandal. He cannot understand why objective journalists are not writing more about it.

“The press is afraid or they are just bad news, or they are communists and they do not want to write about,” he said. “The word is out big whether they want to write about it–that big.”

If Durham successfully substantiates the allegations, at least one Clinton supporter could be charged with treason that carries the maximum death penalty.

“They were infiltrating the Oval Office and that was punishable in the most stringent way in the past,” Trump said. “These were real operatives doing things that would be lifetime or worse in prison … [and] what could be worse than spying within the White House or whatever they did?”

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