Former President Donald Trump hosted a fundraiser for Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) on Wednesday night, June 9, helping the new House GOP chair rake in $250,000.

New York Post reporter Bernadette Hogan said in a tweet that Stefanik re-posted that Trump hosted the fundraising event at his golf course in New Jersey.

According to the article attached to the tweet, Trump hailed Stefanik as a superstar who is on track “to have an incredible career,” more than three weeks after she was elected as House Republican conference chair.

“Elise has been incredible and loyal to our movement. We have to make sure she’s able to win big and raise the money she needs to help lead our party to retake the House,” Trump said in the fundraiser held at the National Golf Course Bedminster, which gathered around 50 donors.

“I see she has the radical crazies after her, crazy Democrats, meaning she’s already doing an amazing job as our Conference Chair,” he said, adding that he endorsed her 100%.

“She’s going to have an incredible career, we have to back her 100 percent,” the former president continued.

Before meeting with Trump and donors, Stefanik delivered a tweet, calling Trump a friend, and hinted he would help her with the biggest fundraiser ever to “defeat the Far Left & save our country.”

“On my way to Bedminster to visit with my friend President Trump for our biggest #TeamElise fundraiser ever! Republicans & the American people have never been more energized and excited to defeat the Far Left & save our country! And we proudly love our American flag,” Stefanik tweeted.

Stefanik’s team revealed that the Elise Victory Fund has raised more than $250,000 at the event, New York Post reported.

“Thank you to my friend President Trump for hosting such an incredible event as we work as one Republican team to win next November,” Stefanik said in a statement following the event. “The stakes could not be higher as the American people see the destruction and dismantling of our country by the radical far left Socialists in the White House and Congress.”

“With President Trump’s support, it is 517 days until we fire Nancy Pelosi once and for all,” said Stefanik, who is now the third most powerful person in the House.

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