Donald Trump blamed a soaring national crime rate on a sham voting process.

The former president declared criminal activity has reached an unprecedented level after learning about two Washington shootings in two consecutive days on July 18.

“Crime in our country is escalating at a pace we have never seen before,” he said in a statement via the Save America Political Action Committee.

The latest shooting occurred near Washington Nationals Park on July 17, injuring at least four people.

The Hill reported the shooting happened outside the stadium, forcing baseball fans to find shelter.

Another shooting in the same city killed a 6-year-old girl and injured five adults just one day prior.

Trump believes the Biden administration not only failed to maintain public safety but also border security. This is because illegal aliens are “pouring through our borders totally unchecked.”

“Jails in other countries are being emptied out into the United States,” Trump said, reiterating his remarks from the June rally in Ohio.

The former president previously revealed the Biden-Harris administration is making illegal immigration as easy as possible. It does this through reversing most border controls and interior immigration enforcement measures imposed by the previous Trump administration.

“This is far worse than anyone thought during the fake election!” he said, referring to the 2020 election result.

Trump still refuses to concede defeat to Joe Biden, and frequently accuses the presidential election of being rigged and stolen through massive fraud.

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