On Wednesday night, Dec. 18, when the Democrats were busy with the vote on impeachment against President Trump, over $5 million was provided to his presidential campaign, reported Daily Caller.

Brad Pascarle, the president’s campaign manager praised it as “Incredible fundraising numbers” in his tweet on Dec. 18, saying that it is the way Americans show their support to the president against the impeachment hoax.

It appears that the impeachment has backfired on the Democrats. 

A poll from Gallup released on Wednesday, Dec. 18, just hours before the House voted on impeachment, found that the president’s job approval rating is up 6 percentage points since the impeachment inquiry from Democrat started in the fall.

In another recent poll conducted by pollster Fabrizio Lee, impeachment is hurting 30 House Democrats in districts won by President Trump in 2016, according to Trump’s re-election campaign manager.

“The issue of impeachment is seriously endangering all 30 Democrats” in those districts, the campaign said.

The poll found that 53% of voters oppose and 43% support impeachment.

When it comes to campaign fundraising, many Twitter users have voiced their support along with their donations. 

@JMajors14 said that what the Democrats were doing triggered her/him to donate to a political campaign for the first time in his/ her life.

Many others joined in confirming their in-cash contribution.

The House voted to impeach President Trump for “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” related to his dealings with Ukraine after six hours of heated debate Wednesday, Dec. 18.

The two articles, which charge Trump with abusing power in his dealings with Ukraine and obstructing Congress in their investigation of those actions, passed almost exclusively along party lines.

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