Former President Donald Trump has criticized his successor for the rocketing gas prices and the potential tax hike, saying that President Joe Biden’s policies will devastate the U.S. economy.

In an interview on “Fox News Primetime” on Tuesday, March 16, host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump what he views on the economy following Biden’s agenda.

Trump said that the economy was recovering twice under his administration, and it got to a level that the world has never seen before.

“We were the envy of the world, and then when we got hit by the China virus, Covid, it was it obviously went down along with every other economy,” he said.

But the economy recovered before he left office, and the stock market went slightly higher than it was even at its prime before the virus pandemic.

“So it’s it was incredible what we were able to do,” Trump said. “If you look at the jobs numbers, we had the all-time highest number of jobs; we had 160 million people working. We were never close to that,” he said.

The former president touted his administration’s achievements before comparing them to the new administration.

“Now, when I look at what’s happening, we were energy independent; very shortly, we will no longer be energy independent,” Trump said, referring to Biden’s executive orders that are curtailing American energy production.

“Gas prices are going up at a far more rapid rate than anybody has seen in a long time. We had gas prices very low, and yet we had more energy jobs than we have ever had,” he said.

“But you know when you see gas prices going up, and they’ll be going up by $1, $2, $3. If you look at that, you know that it’s bigger than a tax increase to the consumer. [If] you get a dollar increase in gasoline, that’s bigger than a tax hike,” Trump said. “So it’s a terrible thing that’s happening.”

Regarding the new administration’s potential tax hikes, Trump predicted that “They’ll be raising taxes at the highest number that we’ve ever seen. It’ll be the biggest tax increase in the history of our country.

“It’s a very devastating thing. It’s a very sad thing to watch,” he said.

President Biden is reportedly planning the most significant tax increase in 30 years that will impact the entire population.

Nearly two months into his presidency, gas prices have been rising significantly, threatening to hit $3 a gallon by summer. Republicans have linked the price increases to Biden’s policies and predict that the worse is yet to come.

In a statement early this week, Florida Sen. Rick Scott said that Biden “needs to explain how he’ll keep gas & other expenses low for American families recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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