A common problem that many families have had to deal with for years has been high medical bills and unaffordable drug prices.

That is one of the reasons why President Trump signed an executive order on June 24 to help Americans easily find the right price for important health services.

According to the White House, most Americans, especially the 240 million on Medicare, are worried about system failures and overwhelming medical bills.

The president understands this, so he pledged to continue to fight and provide the affordability, choice, control, and quality that every American deserves, reported Alex Azar II, U.S. secretary of Health and Human Services and Joe Grogan, director of the Domestic Policy Council at the White House.

According to Azar and Grogan, President Trump has been clear about it: Americans need affordable health care. Patients deserve support against high medical costs, and the government’s individual approach in the last decade has not provided that peace of mind.

To this end, the Trump administration has opened new insurance options for small U.S. employers and workers both inside and outside the individual insurance market, in addition to continuing to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Last week, the government introduced a new way for Americans to use their employer’s tax-free contributions to choose insurance. The president’s executive order will also open new access to health savings accounts, which can protect Americans from high medical bills.

There is already evidence that significant savings can be generated by simply giving patients the tools to know prices and buy from providers, which is what this new executive order will do.

In addition, Americans will also be allowed to receive more services from lower-priced providers, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

The cost of prescription drugs will also continue to decline. The Trump administration has set records for low-cost generic drug approvals, saving patients $26 billion in the first year and a half of the president’s term, according to the White House.

The government also launched a major initiative that could connect 10 million or more Medicare beneficiaries to a primary care provider who will be accountable to them. The president’s executive order aims to simplify health care quality measures so the doctor can focus on keeping his or her patient healthy, rather than completing bureaucratic paperwork.

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