President Donald Trump cut foreign aid to China in just one year, according to a report from the Office of the Budget and Public Affairs.

Records obtained by The Spectator on the accounting of U.S. expenditures in China, indicate that direct aid fell from $62 million in 2019 to $30 million in 2020, equivalent to a 52% decrease.

Regarding spending on strategic competition with China, there was a jump from  $42.4 billion to $47.5 billion, an increase of 12%. Similarly, the United States also imposed $60 billion in tariffs on imported products.

Several assistance programs to China saw a significant reduction in spending or were suspended altogether under the Trump administration, one example being the financial guarantees for Chinese transactions from the Export-Import Bank, which by 2019 provided $11 million in guarantees, while in 2020 it provided none.

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency ended its operations in China, cutting $2 million in investments in Chinese infrastructure projects.

According to The Spectator, the United States also ended its Peace Corps program in China in the wake of the pandemic.

The first report on government spending in China was released as a result of the Trump administration’s efforts to implement economic policies that could cut off the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the United States as well as in the global marketplace.

As the Washington Free Beacon pointed out, during 2016, Trump’s campaign worked to combat CCP economic policy that he said “took advantage” of Americans through trade imbalances as well as currency value manipulation.

Similarly, President Trump focused his efforts on increasing anti-Chinese rhetoric after the danger of the CCP Virus pandemic and its impact around the world became known.

During July of last year, President Trump made the decision to withdraw from the World Health Organization by endorsing the CCP’s questionable handling of the outbreak after covering up important information that would have allowed for more immediate action to contain the virus internationally.

In addition, the Trump administration implemented additional sanctions against companies that supported the Chinese military.

President Trump also took action against the Confucius Institutes in universities that implemented disinformation programs that fueled the CCP’s propaganda.

Last week, by executive order, President Trump banned the use of eight Chinese applications used by the CCP for espionage.

“By accessing personal electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, Chinese connected software applications can access and capture vast swaths of information from users, including sensitive personally identifiable information and private information,” President Trump said.