A pro-LGBT Canadian bill that bans what is known as “conversion therapy,” which helps minors and adults with gender dysphoria, passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Parents who object and raise their children according to their moral or religious beliefs could face jail a pro-life organization charges.

The national organization Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) of Canada warned that Bill C-4 would punish people who counsel children or others with gender confusion, including their parents, with penalties of up to 5 years in prison, according to Life Site News.

Bill C-4, formerly known as Bill C-6, received consent without debate in an unusual show of unanimity by Liberals and Conservatives last Wednesday to skip a vote in the House of Commons.

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s progressive bill, which allows for counseling and surgical interventions to change a child’s or adult’s gender, expressly prohibits any support or guidance for treating gender dysphoria.

This is the third time the leftist Liberals have introduced the bill. The first time was the C-8 bill in March 2020, but it fell after the government prorogued parliament in August 2020. Next, Trudeau’s party reintroduced Bill C-6, but it was withdrawn when parliament was dissolved before the September 2021 federal election.

The pro-life organization, CLC, made a video compilation of statements made by the precursors of the bill, from C-8 all the way to C-4, which indicated what could happen.

As the media outlet notes, when Canada’s Department of Justice Minister David Lamettien was asked by the press in March of last year whether the ban on conversion therapy in Bill C-8 that had been introduced at the time “would make it illegal for religious leaders to condemn homosexuality,” he responded:

“A legitimate conversation with an open end in helping someone to explore their sexuality” is “absolutely necessary as people move forward in life, whether it’s a guidance counselor, whether it’s a religious leader, whether it’s a parent, I’m a parent.”

He continues, “If it’s open-ended and it is exploratory, then it is. It is not covered by this legislation. What is covered by this legislation are practices that attempt to change one’s sexual orientation towards a predefined goal and so on,” which to the CLC suggests that “it will indeed become illegal for religious leaders and parents to condemn homosexuality.”

Meanwhile, on Bill C-6, then Minister of Diversity, Inclusion, and Youth, Bardish Chagger had said that “there are young people feeling a lot of pressure” and hopefully [the legislation] would “provide some relief from that pressure,” as now law would deal with the person “who is imposing that pressure,” so the CLC wonders if by her statement she would be admitting “that mom and dad can be prosecuted if their child perceives pressure on the issues of gender identity, gender expression and homosexuality.”

Even Conservative MP Garnett Genuis agreed with the majority on banning conversion therapy. However, he warned that the Liberal government’s bill has “an overreaching definition of “conversion therapy” and that it needed to be amended, so he launched a petition on his website

As he explained, the definition states that conversion therapy is “a practice, treatment or service designed to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual or gender identity to cisgender, or to repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behaviour.” He added this “bill’s broad definition of conversion therapy” could “open the door for law enforcement to tap into private family communications.”

Concerning Bill C-4, the CLC asserts that if passed, it will be illegal in Canada for anyone to attempt to reverse someone’s sexual conversion, even if it is an adult who is asking for help, and could be punishable by jail time. 

Directly, parents would lose all rights to make decisions for their minor children according to their moral values and beliefs. 

Jack Fonseca, CLC’s director of political operations, said C-4 is a “parental prosecution bill,” adding that “there are no protections whatsoever in the bill for faith leaders who, for example, discourage a gender-confused person from identifying as transgender and who try to help them be at peace with the male or female body in which they were born.”

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