Support for impeaching President Trump from office has decreased, according to a number of new surveys released, including the one from CNN.

A new poll published by CNN on Dec. 16 found impeachment is underwater 45-47, down 5% in the last month. Support even declined among Democrats, with 77% of Democrats now backing impeachment and removal compared with 90% in November.

In addition, from 43 percent, pollsters found, opposition to Trump’s impeachment and removal increased in the new survey to 47 percent. The poll was conducted from Dec. 12 to Dec. 15. It surveyed 1,005 respondents.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) shared the news and said, “Support for the charade falling just about everywhere.”

Earlier, Meadows showed two other polls as the disasters for Democrats’ attempt for Trump impeachment. Of which, USA Today poll found 56% oppose and Quinnipiac poll showed 51% oppose.

Meanwhile, a new Suffolk University/USA Today poll has President Trump surging over his Democratic rivals.

The polls come as congressional Democrats have been advancing on a full House vote on their impeachment against the president, which is expected to take place this week.

In spite of facing impeachment attempts from House Democrats, President Trump is still creating new achievements for Americans.

U.S. stocks surged to fresh record highs on Monday helping the Dow Jones Industrial Average gain its 10,000th point since President Trump got elected just three years ago.

The Trump administration has also negotiated the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement trade deal and has embarked on a nearly 21-month trade negotiation with China, which has “been taking advantage” of the United States for years.