John R. Smith, chairman of the Palm Beach County Business Policy Action Committee, said that when Donald Trump became president of the United States, both the leaders of the Chinese communist regime and their expansion plans received a “stunning blow.”

After taking office, President Trump imposed high tariffs on Chinese products to show Beijing that it would not be cheap to continue behaving like a “dishonest state,” Smith said, calling him the first president, in modern times, to demonstrate ability to deal with China.

“Trump smacked China in their economic and fiscal wallet,” Smith told BizPac Review, as he pushed for the reconstruction of the country’s manufacturing sector and returned jobs to Americans after years of failed trade policies.

“The tariffs imposed are like medicine—they don’t taste good but they are effective against nations bent on economic destruction of rivals,” he added.

Today, thousands of U.S. companies are leaving Chinese territory, moving their factories to other countries. “China is learning that you don’t fool around with Donald Trump and his background as a rough-and-tumble negotiator from New York City,” said Smith.

Smith pointed out that the media does not stop pouring “lies and fakery” about the trade negotiations that the president is conducting with China.

He also described how China has benefited from the “coward’s path” taken by U.S. politicians and their allies nearly two decades ago, “buckling under and being polite instead of fighting to level the playing field.”

Former President Obama’s controversial trade relationship with China

At this point, Smith focused particularly on the management of the administration of former President Barack Obama, calling it the peak of “policy disgrace” and attributing to it a trade deficit of $825 billion.

“Obama’s weakness and appeasement created a powerful economic rival of China, flush with military might, permitting China to make territorial claims throughout Asia that threatened Asian peace,” he said, explaining that, meanwhile, the Chinese “illegally stole advanced and secret technology from U.S. companies, routinely violating trademark and copyright laws.”

and Smith enumerated several incidents of U.S. inaction through which China was strengthened to the point of becoming more and more “arrogant” over the years. Smith highlighted when the communist regime broke the rules of the WTO or hacked into the Office of Management and Budget of the federal government and stole 23 million federal records, teo occasions in which former president Obama decided to look the other way and remain silent.

“Their economic policies undermined the American economy and stole jobs from U.S. workers. The Chinese flooded America with Fentanyl, with 72,000 people dying in 2017 alone. Chinese diplomats became accustomed to winning under any test of wills,” he emphasized.

Communist expansion plans

Smith said that thanks to President Trump’s negotiations, the United States will not allow the Chinese regime’s Belt and Route Initiative to create a “China-centered global trading network” to replace the current international system that recognizes the sovereignty of nations.

In this context, he quoted the words written by expert Gordon G. Chang for the Wall Street Journal, who stressed that: “Mr. Trump is the only thing that stands between us and a world dominated by China.”

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