Psychological pressure from challenging circumstances seemingly has a rejuvenating effect on Donald Trump.

A photo has gone viral on the internet, showing the former president looking more youthful despite spending years battling against political opponents.

Donald Trump, Jr. shared the image captioned “he got younger” on social media. He believes this is clear evidence that stress somehow revitalizes his 75 year-old father.

“There is some truth to this, he takes the stress and it fuels him,” Trump Jr. said on Instagram. “In all fairness he took more crap than any other president, times about 1000. Others cannot handle it and they age 20 years overnight.”

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Conservative Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec believes the photographic evidence is irrefutable.

“How is he getting younger?” he said on Twitter.

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The New York Post speculates Trump could use his revitalization to seek a second term in the Oval Office. The former president had not declared whether he would once again run for presidency at the time of publication.

However, some social network fans speculate a 2024 Trump campaign is entirely plausible.

“He looks ready for 2024!” one user said.

“[This] man was born for this,” another user said.

“45[th president] looks full of life, love it!” a third user added.

A growing chorus of Republicans recently questioned Joe Biden’s ability to lead the nation, following the president’s chaotic U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) wants the 78 year-old incumbent to take a cognitive test that assesses his mental fitness for the top job.

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