Steve Bannon, revealed that scientists from the questioned Wuhan laboratory have begun to defect and are currently collaborating with intelligence services investigating the origin of the virus.

President Donald Trump’s former chief election campaign adviser told the Daily Mail that scientists at the Wuhan Virology Institute have defected to the West and are cooperating with intelligence agencies in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. The agencies have been gathering evidence to challenge the CCP’s claim that the pandemic originated in a market rather than in the controversial laboratory.

Steve Bannon said, “I think that they [spy agencies] have electronic intelligence, and that they have done a full inventory of who has provided access to that lab. I think they have very compelling evidence. And there have also been defectors.” He added, “People around these labs have been leaving China and Hong Kong since mid-February. [US intelligence] along with MI5 and MI6 are trying to build a very thorough legal case, which may take a long time. “It’s not like James Bond,” Bannon ironically said.  

He noted that the scientists were doing experiments for which they were not fully authorized or did not know what they were doing, and somehow, whether by unintentional mistake or not, some of these things got out of there. The FBI would be advancing an investigation based on the fact that the global pandemic was caused by a leak, right from this institute of virology in Wuhan. 

For former President Trump’s adviser, the event in question has some similarities to what happened at Chernobyl, when a nuclear accident occurred in 1986. “You essentially had a biological Chernobyl in Wuhan, but the center of gravity, the ground zero, was around the Wuhan lab, in terms of the casualty rates. And like Chernobyl, you also had the coverup—the state apparatus reports to itself and just protects itself.”. Bannon added, “Regardless of whether it came out of the market or the Wuhan lab, the Chinese Communist Party’s subsequent decisions hold them guilty of premeditated murder.”

It should be noted that Taiwan, on Dec. 31, 2019, formally reported to the World Health Organization that it was aware that there was some kind of epidemic coming from Wuhan. The CCP and the WHO decided to hide this information, preventing the whole world from taking timely action and preventing the spread of the virus. 

In the end, Bannon was not at all optimistic about the present and future, “We are in the most extraordinary crisis in modern American history, more than Vietnam, the Cold War, even the Second World War. A global pandemic and an economic inferno. I have no faith in the WHO, the leadership should face criminal charges and be shut down.”

Until now the most widespread theory about the origin of the virus, said that it is from a bat contaminated in the market of Wuhan, and that from there passed to man. However, there are already many complaints and investigations being developed around the world, which are based on the theory that the virus left the laboratory in Wuhan, as indicated by Steve Bannon. 

President Trump’s administration is a fervent supporter of the escape from the Wuhan lab theory, which holds the CCP and its hidden interests responsible for the global disaster. Even its top officials have spoken out in repudiation of the CCP, as in the case of Mike Pompeo who told ABC, “There is a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory in Wuhan,(…) China [the CCP] did everything possible to make sure the world did not find out in time, it was a classic communist disinformation effort,” he said.