Twenty attorneys general sent a letter to the House and Senate on Wednesday, March 3, sounding the alarm over the For the People Act, which sets authoritarian precedents and paves the way for elections to be completely controlled by Democrats.

A single sentence in the letter sums up the entire contents of the bill, “As a matter of election administration policy, it is difficult to imagine a legislative proposal more threatening to election integrity and voter confidence.”

Having passed in the House, the bill now heads to the Senate.

We analyze some of the most controversial points of the bill.

1. Congress will allow states to set the rules for their elections but will have the power to alter them or add items at will, that is states will no longer have the power to manage their own elections.

2. Any rejection or challenge to the For the People Act, has to be dealt with in the federal courts in Washington D.C. a district controlled by Democrats judges, that is any initiative to appeal to the courts for the dire consequences of the law is nullified.

3. Unless the person requests it, all those who are eligible to vote, have to be automatically registered, and the registration has to be available online; as a result, the rolls can be full of people who do not vote and this results in others using their data to vote.

4. People can change their personal data, including their mailing address, up to one day before the elections at the polling places; people can vote in one state and the next day vote in another state with this clause of the law.

5. The bill protects noncitizens from criminal prosecution if they are automatically registered to vote and never made an affirmative statement that they were U.S. citizens; this aspect of the law incentivizes felons to register to vote for Democrats, who are “shielding” them from justice.

6. People will be able to register on the same day as the vote and vote on the spot; again, people can vote multiple times since there is no check on who registers and where.

7. States will not be allowed to update voter rolls; this will result in double voters, in the same state and in other states.

8. States will be forced to register people over the age of 16, even though they cannot vote yet (they are working on a law to make it possible for them to do so).

9. Any criticism or denunciation that there were irregularities in the elections with penalties of up to 5 years in prison for those who do so.

10. There will be mail-in voting without identification, that is, anyone will be able to vote without having to prove they are who they say they are; more fraud.

11. The act states that counting stations can receive and count mail-in ballots up to 10 days after the elections.

12. Political candidates will be able to use campaign funds, generally part is donated, and part is given by the federal government, for their personal use; this clause is highly dangerous because money can even be laundered in this way.

13. No third party or independent organization will be allowed to challenge or investigate elections results, those who do will be punished with one-year prison term.

The bill is 791 pages long and there are many more worrisome items, but at a glance the Democrats are paving the way so that no one else who is not under their command can win the presidential elections in the United States.

Many dictatorships in Third World countries remain in power due to laws of this nature, like the example of Venezuela. 

It is not that people chose them to keep them poor, they have legalized a way to control the entire country.

Now it all depends on the Senate. If the Republicans are determined enough, they will vote against this assault on freedom

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