It was in January 2017 that the then-FBI Director James Comey signed a FISA surveillance warrant against one-time 2016 Trump campaign adviser Carter Page that confirmed Christopher Steele’s dossier had been “verified.” The dossier contained highly salacious claims about Trump.

However, on that same day, he wrote a completely different assessment of Steele’s intelligence on Russia collusion to Obama’s outgoing intelligence community chief, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. This has been revealed in a just-released memo, reports BizPacReview.

“We are not able to sufficiently corroborate the reporting,” Comey wrote in a Jan. 12, 2017 email to Clapper that was recently declassified in response to an open records lawsuit by the Southeastern Legal Foundation, reports Fox News.

The CIA had already reported to the FBI that Page was a U.S. intelligence asset and had no Russian links.

During the first week of January, the FBI declared the investigation into the-incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn be closed, as there was no evidence he was colluding with Russia.

In an interview with Fox News, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told host Sean Hannity, “Not only did our own Justice Department set up the president on the Russia hoax, they did it with rotten information, and they knew the information was rotten when they did it.”

Responding to a report by Just the News, Gaetz also mentioned special prosecutor John Durham, who has been silent for months. However, he is supposedly conducting a criminal probe into the origins of spying in ‘Russiagate.’

“Why hasn’t anyone been held accountable?” Gaetz continued. “The truth is that former Attorney General Bill Barr, he dragged us all along. There was this expectation that there would be this accountability. We didn’t see it come to fruition.”

Gaetz says none of it mattered to Comey, however, who intended to bring President Trump down.

Not only did the Justice Department set up former President Trump on the Russia hoax, but they also did it knowing the information was “rotten.” This amounts to a “premeditated effort to dislodge the elected President of the United States,” said Gaetz.

The Biden administration will be very unlikely to investigate further.

“You know, I know, and all of the viewers know that there’s not going to be accountability under the Biden Justice Department because none of the career people there think the way to move up in the Biden Justice Department is to expose the Russia hoax,” Gaetz predicted.

“Instead, they’re going to be targeting the President [Trump], his family members, and the supporters of the America First movement,” he added.

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