A controversial Democrat from New York wants to avoid asking the Republican Party to support another record-breaking relief bill.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) plans to overrule any GOP opposition to the Democratic Party’s next Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus stimulus bill.

One of the senator’s top policy advisers revealed Schumer is considering a variety of options to stop his Republican counterparts from preventing new legislation from passing through U.S. Congress.

“Schumer wants to maximize his options to allow Senate Democrats multiple pathways to advance President [Joe] Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, if Senate Republicans try to obstruct or water down a bipartisan agreement,” the adviser said according to Fox News.

One option involves using Section 304 from the Congressional Budget Act to force Biden’s legislation through U.S. Congress based on a simple majority rule. This would theoretically remove the need for at least 10 Republican senators to support a bill, and let Vice President Kamala Harris break any tied votes in the Senate.

“At any time after the concurrent resolution on the budget for a fiscal year has been agreed to pursuant to section 301—and before the end of such fiscal year—the two Houses may adopt a concurrent resolution on the budget, which revises or reaffirms the concurrent resolution on the budget for such fiscal year most recently agreed to,” the legislation states according to the House Budget Counsel website.

However, the broadcaster suggested reconciliation cannot be used to repeatedly and indefinitely force through legislation. This is due to restrictions on what kind of bill is eligible and how many times the measure can be used.

“The thinking on Capitol Hill was that Democrats could only use the mechanism one more time before the midterm elections in 2022,” Fox Business reporter Megan Henney said.

Schumer previously criticized Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) for not taking tougher action against climate change, and causing the Lone Star State to suffer widespread blackouts.

“Gov. Abbott thought Texas could run an electrical grid that ignored the climate crisis,” the Democrat said on Twitter. “It was not resilient.”

He also accused federal authorities of not forcing the governor to crack down on fossil fuels, mining, and other carbon emissions-intensive activities.

“The federal investigation by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and North American Electric Reliability Corporation must look into how Gov. Abbott’s policies in Texas have failed,” he said.

However, the Democrat appeared to overlook that utility providers can only use solar, wind, and hydro sources to supplement existing fossil fuel power plants. Renewable energy sources are still not technologically advanced enough to completely replace conventional fossil fuels.

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