Again elections in Georgia and again the scandal begins. Fulton County, one of the leader of electoral fraud during the presidential elections, is receiving complaints about irregularities in yesterday’s runoff election. Something similar happened in DeKalb County, which also made the news in November because of alleged “technical problems” that favored candidate Biden in the ballot count. 

Since November, the state of Georgia has been at the center of criticism and legal battles abounded led by the Trump administration’s lawyers, seeking to stop the election fraud that gave Democratic candidate Joe Biden the victory. 

Yesterday was the runoff election and again they are starting to report irregularities from different counties. 

One of them is DeKalb County, which had already been on the front pages of the main newspapers due to allegations of corruption in the primary elections and now it is back to the scandal. Late Tuesday, Jan. 5, reports indicate that DeKalb is rescanning early ballots in the Georgia Senate race due to a “memory card problem,” as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

CNN reporter Nick Valencia tweeted that 19,000 ballots at DeKalb “‘must be scanned manually to be tabulated and added to the total vote count’ due to technical problems.”

A few minutes later, 11Alive News reporter Alec McQuade posted on his Twitter account an official DeKalb County statement saying, “Due to technical issues, the remaining 19,000 ballots must be manually scanned in order to be tabulated and added to the total vote count. Georgia’s voting system provides built-in safeguards, in the form of paper ballots that allow us to quickly process ballots that are electronically cast. These outstanding paper ballots are currently being scanned and the tabulation will be completed as quickly as possible and in compliance with state guidelines.”

This strange situation in DeKalb inevitably brings back memories of the November presidential election when even the authorities had to fire an election administrator after a series of ballot audit errors.

At the time, a statement from the county said, “It has come to our attention that a manager at DeKalb VRE, who is now a former employee, did not follow our established protocols and blatantly disregarded the required processes we use to count and record all verified and legal ballots.

The audit of DeKalb’s manual ballot count showed a difference of 732 votes from its original count. The audit did not even cover signature discrepancies since signature verification was not part of the statewide audit. In short, a false manual recount was conducted at DeKalb and still exposed the Democratic fraud.

Fulton County, was another major fraud center in the country during the presidential election and is now back in the spotlight for irregularities in Tuesday’s Senate election. 

Allegations began early that Republican observers in Fulton County were being blocked behind barriers without being able to enter the “counting area,” and that dozens of individuals were scanning and casting votes without observers at the polling places.

Following litigation by lawyers alleging fraud, a judge ordered election officials to allow Republican observers to be at least 10 feet away from the processing tables, within the steel barriers assigned to divide the spaces.

Despite the judge’s express request, Fulton County election officials prevented accredited observers from monitoring absentee ballots and verifying signatures properly.

Once again, official results show very even results between Democrats and Republicans in the Georgia elections, but the reported fraud in the presidential elections is so great that, added to the complaints that are already beginning to come in about yesterday’s voting, mistrust of the numbers is widespread. 

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